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Tip of the Day – 10 Traits Of Great Family Team Members

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Do you have family on your staff? Here are 10 things they can do to ensure their success at the company.

  1. Be early.
  2. Be dependable.
  3. Pay attention to work responsibilities; be accountable.
  4. Follow through.
  5. Be friendly and have fun.
  6. Be encouraging. Use the words “Absolutely!” and “Certainly!” 
  7. Be a mentor.
  8. Take an active role in learning about the business and be excited about the industry.
  9. Always speak positively about the owner and the business, both in and out of the office.
  10. Offer advice when asked or ask first before discussing a concern.

From Counselor magazine’s April 2011 issue.

Top 10 Made In the USA Products

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Ice Cream Cone HatJust in time for the Fourth of July, ASI has released it’s inaugural Top 10 list of Made in America products, including an ice cream cone hat, picnic backpack, an igloo cooler and more! Check out the list here, which includes emails of all suppliers in case you’re interested in ordering some of these patriotic products!

For more, read yesterday’s press release.  

And if you’re interested in more seasonally themed product lists, choose from the following:



Tip of the Day – Protect Your Data

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Counselor Top 40 distributor Cintas recently released this top-10 list of ways to protect your data.

  1. Implement a document.
  2. Implement a document-retention schedule. 
  3. Regularly shred sensitive documents. 
  4. Keep documents securely offsite. 
  5. Limit acquisition of confidential customer data. 
  6. Use password protection. 
  7. Install and update virus-protection software. 
  8. Clear data before disposing of old computers. 
  9. Review company credit-card statements. 
  10. Limit use of file-sharing programs.

For more information, click here.


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Top 10 Eco Friendly Products

Filed under: Green

In honor of Earth Day next month, ASI has created its first-ever top-10 list of eco-friendly giveaways. Included in the list is — among other products — a neat bamboo dinnerware set, seed paper postcards and, no joke, a journal made entirely out of elephant poop! (right)

For the complete top-10 list, including the contact information on how to purchase products, go to www.asicentral.com/earth.

And as a special bonus, our very own Joe Haley — of The Joe Show fame — gives us a video rundown of the top-10 eco-friendly products in the industry today. Click here to watch the video, or just watch it below.

Peace, man.

— Mr. ECO

Tip of the Day – Top 10 Phrases That Kill Creativity

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Here are the top 10 phrases that kill creativity:

  1. Yes, but …
  2. The boss will never go for it
  3. I don’t have time
  4. Get a committee to look into it
  5. We tried that before
  6. It’s not in the budget
  7. It’ll never work
  8. No!
  9. We’ve always done it this way
  10. It’s not my job

Source: Chic Thompson


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