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Eight Ways to Fail at Social Media

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Dislike ButtonAh, social media … when used correctly, it can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. But use it incorrectly and you can be losing more than just your hair.

This month’s “Sales & Marketing” column by Kenneth Hein in SGR breaks down the top ways a business can fail with social media. Want to succeed with your social media endeavor? Then you simply must avoid doing these 8 things! (Click on the article for more in-depth coverage):

  • Make sure you bore the crap out of all of your followers.
  • Hit them hard over the head with a hard sell.
  • Be repetitive. Be repetitive. Be repetitive.
  • Just go at it without a plan, you’ll be fine!
  • Use every social media channel known to humankind, poorly.
  • Just use Twitter once or twice and then let it lie dormant.
  • Just let the intern handle it.
  • Pick a battle with trolls.

4 Tips to Build Your Business with Twitter

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Build Business with TwitterCan someone really get sales from tweeting?

That’s the question posed to one of our technology experts, Alan S. Horowitz, in this month’s SGR. The answer? No question about it!

Read his column, “Using Twitter to Build Your Business,” now for tips and case studies from industry people on how they use Twitter for work. And in the

meantime, here are 4 tips on how to use the microblogging social network to build business:

  • Start by forging relationships; don’t hard sell
  • Headlines are important
  • Learn about hashtags
  • Tweet something worthwhile

Tip of the Day – Six Steps to Blogging Success

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6 steps to blogging successBelieve it or not, this year marks my tenth year as a blogger. (10?! OMG, where does the time go!) From breaking news and high school sports updates as a professional journalist, to penning reviews of records for independent artists, I’m pretty familiar with the whole blogosphere and have a pretty good idea what makes a blog successful.

But this month’s “Technology Today” article for Supplier Global Resource by Unmana Datta really nails home the steps you need to take to create a very effective blog. It’s a quick read and very insightful, so check it out here. And in the meantime, here are the basic six steps to whet your appetite – enjoy!

  1. Get the Right Blogger – (“The person you want managing your blog is someone who is passionate about both business and blogging …”)
  2. Get Started – (“Ideally, you want a custom domain – blog.yourcompany.com or yourcompany.com/blog – rather than a generic domain …”)
  3. Blog Regularly – (“It’s no use having your blog featured prominently on your website if the last post is from August 2010 …”)
  4. Be Relevant – (“By now you might be asking what to write about every week …”)
  5. Use Different Media – (“Use interesting images to break the monotony of text and to reinforce your point …”)
  6. Pay Attention to SEO & Sharing – (“With all the effort you’re putting into your blog, you want it to be read by more people than your boss and your mother …”)


Five Creative Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate the HolidaysNow that it’s December and we’re finally experiencing seasonable temps here in the Northeast (I sure was getting tired of those beautiful, September-like 70-degree November days), I suppose it’s time to get that good ol’ “‘Tis the Season” feeling going and start thinking about the holidays.

This month’s issue of Supplier Global Resource has a great Sales & Marketing column by Kenneth Hein that takes a look five creative ways to celebrate the holidays. Want some ideas for motivating and building a foundation for a solid 2012? Then you should check out this column now! In the meantime, here are the five ideas:

  1. Celebrate Diversity
  2. Give the Gift of Time
  3. The Gift of Helping
  4. Remind Clients You Appreciate Them
  5. Give an Idea During the Holidays

Tip of the Day – Shooting Video: What You’ll Need

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VideosFrom the article Creating Your Own Promo Videos! in this month’s SGR.

Anyone can shoot a video, and everyone should be doing it, as it’s another touch point between you and your clients. Here are some tips to help get your company’s video efforts up and running.

Be high-energy. No one wants to watch a video with a monotone speaker, so remember to be lively and energetic.

Know your topic. You can demonstrate product and talk about sales and marketing trends, but no matter what, you need to know what you’re talking about and be confident in your delivery.

Be action-oriented. If you’re demonstrating a product and it has a moving part – flip cover, blinking light, sound, etc. – show it.

Craft a script. When you use a script you’re sure to hit all your talking points; however, as you become more comfortable in front of the camera you can break from the script and sound a little more natural.

Carve out the time. Set aside one to two hours each week for shooting video. If you shoot Mondays at 9 a.m., for example, it will become part of your routine and enable you to send a link to clients every Monday afternoon. After some time, they’ll come to expect it.

Stay concise. Keep your videos simple, straightforward and short.

Show off. Video is a great medium for showing, instead of telling. Make sure your videos are more than just Web-based PowerPoint presentations: Show aspects of your organization that clients and prospects might not otherwise be able to see.

Know your audience. Make sure that you’re clear on who your video is intended to be viewed by, and tailor the content toward them.

Ask for action. Include a call-to-action at the end of your videos, so they serve as a facilitator of continued interaction between your company and its clients.

Use small bites. If you have a lot of information to convey through your videos, consider breaking larger topics up into smaller, easy-to-digest segments.

Don’t forget the fun. Include some fun elements – things to make your videos worth watching above and beyond your pitch.

Tools of the Trade

Here are five things you’ll need to start your video efforts – all of which can be purchased for well under $5,000.

  1. Camera: You can shoot amazing high-definition videos with a flip camera that sells for less than $200. However, if you’re able to spend more, $2,000 can get you a professional-grade camera.
  2. Lighting: An external light helps illuminate a subject and product. Natural light works well, but make sure the source is behind the camera, not in front of it. 
  3. Microphone: A lavaliere mic will pick up the audio better and with less echo than the external mic built into most cameras. 
  4. Editing software: Windows provides software called Movie Maker with its operating systems. It’s basic and easy to use. 
  5. Platform: Hosting sites like YouTube are free and have the potential – depending on your video’s content – to reach millions of people.

Joe Haley is managing editor of Supplier Global Resource and star of ASI’s The Joe Show, available for viewing on www.asicentral.com and YouTube.


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