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Summer Road Tour 2011 – Welcome To …

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My colleagues are making steady progress as they set out on the Best Places to Work 2011 Summer Road Tour. Here are a few pics from the first leg of the tour!

Welcome to Delaware

Andy and Melinda give the thumbs-up as they arrive in Delaware.

Welcome to Maryland

Joey and Andy in Maryland.

Caramel Treat

Melinda enjoying something caramel-y.

Photos From The ASI Show Chicago

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During Day 1 of exhibits at The ASI Show Chicago, ASI Radio celebrated its 2nd anniversary … and the cameras were there. Enjoy the pics!

Photos From the ASI Show San Diego

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While we here in the Philly area suffer through Snowmageddon Part III, my pal Joan Chaykin is basking in the lovely California weather at the ASI Show San Diego. She also brought along a camera to further rub in just how nice it is out there on the Left Coast.

Joan, this ain’t helpin’ us!

Anyway, enjoy the pics …

Gotta be California …

Two clowns and a red snapper fish head. Nice.

Ahhh, California sunsets.

Giant statue of the sailor and nurse in that famous kiss pose.

Melinda and Kathy on the entrance to the Gaslight District.

Group shot posing with Andy. Strangely, we all think it looks like we’re visiting Andy (one of the youngsters) in the old-age home “Wave hi to the camera Andy!”

USS San Diego.

USS Midway.

Anchors aweigh!

Statue of Bob Hope entertaining the troops.

Southern California!

CJ and Matt.

Gaslamp Quarter.


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Philly and the surrounding suburbs are currently experiencing Snowmageddon 2010 (definition: 20+ inches of snow followed by 20+ more inches of snow 4 days later), and we had a rare day off yesterday. So I threw the gauntlet down to the folks in Editorial and asked them to send me their best snow pics. I’m proud to say they didn’t disappoint …



Gunnar lovin’ the snow. (Photo: Sent in by Samantha Tucker)
Gunnar’s about to pounce on something in the snow. (Photo: Sent in by Samantha Tucker)
Editorial’s newest employee Jennifer Vishnevsky snapped a pic of her “Little Snowmen!” (Photo: Jennifer Vishnevsky)
A classic pic! Joe Haley, chomping on a cigar, out and about in the neighborhood. (Photo: Joe Haley)
From Designer Hillary Braubitz, a snowman with style – damn, I love that scarf! (Photo: Hillary Braubitz)   
Hey Joe, cigars are good in the snow, but beer is better. This is how we do it in Jersey. (Photo: ME!)
Snowmageddon 2010 – don’t I look thrilled?  (Photo: ME again!)
Counselor Editor Andy Cohen’s five-year-old Jason happily learns a valuable lesson: Making a snowman is really hard work.(Photo: Andy Cohen)
Counselor Editor Andy Cohen and his son, Jason, hit the slopes.(Photo: Andy Cohen)
NJ license plate. (Photo: Dawn Shurmaitis)
From Melinda Ligos, on her dachsund: “I bet Daisy wishes she had some logoed doggie apparel about now.” (Photo: Melinda Ligos)
A snowy and “icicly” scene from Kerry Boderman’s porch. (Photo: Kerry Boderman)
From Joe Haley: That busted fence in the back makes it look like Ralphie’s back yard from A Christmas Story.(Photo: Joe Haley)                                   

A scene from my pal Michele Bell’s neck of the woods. (Photo: Michele Bell)
From Kerry Boderman: My full-time job today is clearing the birdfeeders of snow so that the birdies can find the seed. Here we have a white-breasted nuthatch on the right feeder, and a goldfinch peeking around the side of the left feeder.
(Photo: Kerry Boderman)
Ice in the Lambertville, NJ, canal. (Photo: Dawn Shurmaitis)
Mannequins in downtown New Hope. (Photo: Dawn Shurmaitis)
From Nicole Rollender: View from south jersey. What a post-groundhog day winter wonderland! (Photo: Nicole Rollender)
From Joe Haley: Nigel’s snow-covered snowtube looks like a frosted donut … ohhhh, donut! (Photo: Joe Haley)
From Scott Fuhr: What’s left of the grilling possibilities on our back porch. (Photo: Scott Fuhr)
From Scott Fuhr: OK, now which one is my car? (Photo: Scott Fuhr)

Photos: ASI Radio’s 50th Show

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Confetti, cake, champagne, CEO … with all these c’s, there must be something to celebrate, right?

Indeed! ASI Radio celebrated its 50th show this morning with tremendous fanfare. And they just happened to invite yours truly. And I had a camera. ‘Nuf said. Enjoy!

— wingCAM

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews discusses a hot industry topic with Supplier Global Resource Editor Michele Bell during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

The cake presented to the ASI Radio gang in celebration of their 50th show.

Managing Editor Joe Haley gives Advantages’ Editor Kathy Huston the horns as she pours champagne.

ASI Radio engineers Steve “Chinstrap” Hawk and Samantha “Lil Spice” Bathe before the start of the 50th show.

ASI Radio engineer Chinstrap at the controls.

The ASI Radio gang during the 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews presents the ASI Radio gang with a cake commemorating the 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews presents the ASI Radio gang with a cake commemorating the 50th show.

Managing Editor Joe Haley discusses some industry news during the 50th ASI Radio show.

Editor Andy Cohen dishes the industry news during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews hands out cake commemorating ASI Radio’s 50th show.

The gang at ASI Radio share a laugh during their 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews talks industry news during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

Power Pics

Filed under: ASI Power Summit 2008

The ASI Power Summit 2008 is over and the photo gallery is now (finally!) complete with the addition of the Power 50 and Dinner pics from Monday night. Click here for all images. Enjoy! –vnd


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