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Tip of the Day: Make Promotions Fun!

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When House Party CEO Kitty Kolding begins planning what promotional products and samples will be handed out at client events she follows these rules of thumb:

  • Pick items that people will want to show their friends. Oscar Meyer offered wiener whistles that look like its signature wiener mobiles, as well as aprons. Chef Michael’s dog food handed out little square doggie dinner plates. “It’s a party, you want it to be fun … and remember to take photos,” says Kolding.
  • Keep it relevant. There are plenty of items to choose from, but the further the client strays from the theme of the party, the less effective the items can be. Additionally they need to be small and portable. In this respect, old favorites like branded refrigerator magnets, keychains, coasters, playing cards and gift cards come in handy. 
  • The more the merrier. While clients don’t want to blow their budgets, it is important to have enough party favors on hand so that “it doesn’t feel anemic,” says Kolding. “Sometimes we need to beef it up.”

From Advantages’ magazine Success Stories.

Photos: ASI Radio’s 50th Show

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Confetti, cake, champagne, CEO … with all these c’s, there must be something to celebrate, right?

Indeed! ASI Radio celebrated its 50th show this morning with tremendous fanfare. And they just happened to invite yours truly. And I had a camera. ‘Nuf said. Enjoy!

— wingCAM

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews discusses a hot industry topic with Supplier Global Resource Editor Michele Bell during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

The cake presented to the ASI Radio gang in celebration of their 50th show.

Managing Editor Joe Haley gives Advantages’ Editor Kathy Huston the horns as she pours champagne.

ASI Radio engineers Steve “Chinstrap” Hawk and Samantha “Lil Spice” Bathe before the start of the 50th show.

ASI Radio engineer Chinstrap at the controls.

The ASI Radio gang during the 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews presents the ASI Radio gang with a cake commemorating the 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews presents the ASI Radio gang with a cake commemorating the 50th show.

Managing Editor Joe Haley discusses some industry news during the 50th ASI Radio show.

Editor Andy Cohen dishes the industry news during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews hands out cake commemorating ASI Radio’s 50th show.

The gang at ASI Radio share a laugh during their 50th show.

ASI CEO and President Tim Andrews talks industry news during ASI Radio’s 50th show.

ASI Show Dallas: Party Time!

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Well, I wouldn’t have believed it with my own eyes, but apparently ASICentral’s multi-talented designer/radio engineer/brewmeister Steve “Chinstrap” Hawk is also a hit on the dance floor! (Well, at least in his own mind.) 

In this video from the famed ASI Show Gala, held Thursday night at Eddie Deen’s Ranch in Dallas, not only does Chinstrap don the ASI TV mic like a seasoned television reporter, but he gets down like Diddy, Line Dance-style. Watch a video of the ‘Strap schmoozin’ the ladies while learning some southern dance moves. Yee-haw, go on with your big self, Steve-O! Watch the video here.

And if that’s not enough party video for ya, check out this clip of ASI’s Melinda Ligos and Joe Haley interviewing other folks at the famed ASI Show Gala!

Stay tuned for coverage from the official Day 2 of The ASI Show Dallas!

Reporting remotely — and jealously — from Trevose, PA …


Cabaret Night at ASI

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karaoke jammy-jams just ain’t my bag, baby. something about getting up on stage after a few drinks and trying to croon like you’re a rat-packer just never appealed to me. the bad speaker systems, cheesy lighting, obtrusive teleprompter — i don’t know, but it all just seems so … amateur. like jim carrey in ‘the cable guy’ belting out starship’s ‘somebody to love,’ it can be mildly entertaining at first but ultimately takes a turn for the worst.

so you can imagine my expectations for thursday’s ASI Cabaret Night were, to say the least, lower than the DOW lately. even with ‘American Idol I’ runner-up justin guarini in the house acting as the MC of song, i still wasn’t buying into the karaoke kool-aid.

but i went, and i’m glad i did, because the end result was nothing short of unexpected, and there were a number of highlights, including:

  • the joe show’s joe haley busting out a smooth rendition of frank sinatra’s “my way”
  • the village people’s “ymca” sung by a who’s who of ASI’s movers and shakers
  • lil spice drinking wine from a coffee cup
  • jim “beam” maratea getting his grand funk railroad on

and last, but not least

  • my boss rich fairfield doing his best robert palmer “addicted to love” impersonation, with huge assistance from the ladies of editorial

oh, and did i mention i just happened to have my camera with me? which leads me to the meat & potatoes of this post … PICS! enjoy. (click on images for larger, high-res versions)

–Gonzo Journ Diesel S. Thompson

Diesel, Chinstrap, Crack, Jolly and Lil Spice

Diesel S, Chinstrap, Crack, Jolly and Lil Spice

The Great Joe Haley, in Frank Sinatra mode, with some crazed gonzo journalist

Lil Spice with ASI CEO Tim Andrews

Lil Spice with ASI CEO Tim Andrews



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