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Color My World, Baby!

Filed under: Fun

Quick, what’s your favorite color?

Odds are you said “blue” and that’s all fine and good, but what does your favorite color actually say about your personality traits and best qualities?

Well, this month’s Advantages magazine put that question to task by presenting 9 popular colors and their respective traits and qualities in a cool, interactive feature! Simply click on your favorite color from the 9 and you will find out a little more about yourself. (Hopefully you won’t be surprised!)

Click here to check it out!

For the record, my fave color says I “keep it real and am happiest when everyone else is happy.”

Peace out!

— VinnieVerde

(colors to choose from)

20 Creative Thinkers

Filed under: site updates

20 creative thinkersFor the July issue of Stitches magazine, Editor Nicole Rollender went in search of the 20 people who are shaking up the decorated apparel market right now with their innovative ideas. From those toying with new decorating techologies to those taking digitizing to a whole new level, Nicole came up with a great list of the industry’s most creative thinkers.

And we here at ASICentral came up with a creative and interactive way to display them.

Presenting the decorated apparel’s 20 Creative Thinkers, online style! Click here to check it out.



Interactive Feature: Celebrity Match Game

Filed under: General

Sure, everyone knows that Reese Witherspoon is an Academy Award-winning actress, but did you know she also champions and raises funds for several causes, including domestic abuse?

Since this month’s Advantages’ cover story focuses on fabulous fundraisers, we thought it might be fun to create an interactive Web feature that gives you, our users, the chance to test how well you know your celebs. Presenting our Advantagesmag.com interactive feature of the month: Celebrity Match Game.

Our drag-and-drop feature allows you to match eight causes with eight celebrities — if you get it right, the box will turn green; if you get it right, it’ll turn red. If you get it wrong, keep dragging the cause from celebrity to celebrity until you get it right!

Click here to test your celebrity knowledge now!

Top 100 Markets For Ad Specialty Sales

Filed under: Markets, Research

A recent exclusive Counselor study unveiled the best cities for ad specialty distributors to do business in right now. The list revealed the Top 25 metropolitan statistical areas — or MSAs — that have the most potential for promotional product distributors to find business.

For the online version of this feature, we decided to extend the list to the largest 100 markets and give them not only a rank, but a grade too, with the thinking that just because a city made the list doesn’t mean it’s ideal for ad specialty sales. So, the top 20 cities in the list are all considered Grade “A”; the next 20, Grade “B”; etc … all the way to City #100, which, for the sake of this list, received a grade of “F”.

And since it’s an online feature, of course we decided to make it interactive and fun! All 100 city/markets are listed alphabetically in a right-hand scrolling area. Click on a city and a full-color image representing that city will pop up, along with a rank and grade as well as pertinent statistical info for that city, including annual ad specialty sales, population, number of small businesses, etc …

So without further ado, we present Counselormag.com’s 100 Largest Markets for Ad Specialty Sales! Click here and enjoy!

Dress Me Up! The Sales Rep Interactive Feature

Filed under: General


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Last month, Advantages’  Editor and fellow Jerseyan Kathy “K-Hu” Huston suggested a fun and interactive online feature for an April story about first impressions. “Let’s play dress up the sales rep!” Kathy exclaimed in her usually buoyant way, and I was immediately intrigued. She had in mind the appropriate and inappropriate ways a sales rep should dress, but wanted to know if we — the Online Masters of the ASI Universe — could create a feature that allowed for dragging-and-dropping different pieces of apparel on scantily-clad male and female models.

Kathy, I said, we can do anything your little heart desires, and so was born the great Dress Up The Sales Rep Interactive feature!

Kudos to team member Craig for the design and functionality. Enjoy! 

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