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Sales Tip of the Week – Engage Clients Through Social Media and E-mail Contests

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According to the sales pros over at Advantages magazine, you can build a relationship with clients through contests.  Check out this new sales tip and let us know what you think – do you agree? Post comments here.

Engage clients through fun social media and e-mail contests. Ask them to name a product or come up with uses for a product and they won’t feel any pressure to buy. But you will be building relationships.

Win $25 – Suggest An ASI Radio Show Topic

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ASI RadioOne of the cool things about being a radio engineer and the “social network dude” for the weekly ASI Radio Show is that I’ve gotten to know some of our listeners pretty well. And when one of our shows covers a particularly helpful topic, these same listeners are not shy in pointing this out. In fact, when we cover a hot topic the phone lines and social networks just light up with tons of great questions and comments, a testament to how well our listeners have their fingers on the pulse of the industry.

For instance, our June 14 show titled Should You Bring Your Suppliers on Sales Calls? was so interactive it simply turned into a forum for users and listeners to engage with our show hosts. It was brilliant!

So, for our next radio show — August 9 — we are opening up show topic suggestions to you, our listeners, and offering a $25 Visa Gift Card to the suggestion we use! If you’ve got a great idea for a show topic, post a comment below to the blog, on ASICentral Facebook, in Twitter or email us at feedback@asicentral.com.

So stay tuned, and good luck!

— DJ VeeDee

New ASI Radio Show Contest Announced

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If you like cool, high-tech gadgets — like camcorders, Netbooks and digital cameras — and enjoy the weekly ASI Radio Show, then we have some news for you!

Starting on August 17 and culminating in a prize giveaway show on September 14, ASI is running a contest that requires only that you pay attention to each of four shows for a special “Word of the Week”. For four consecutive weeks we will give a new “Word of the Week,” and on the fifth week we will solicit calls from listeners to identify which word went with which week.

The spoils? Well, they don’t get any better than this!

  • Week 1 Show: August 17, 2010 – Prize: Flip Video-UltraHD Camcorder
  • Week 2 Show: August 24, 2010 – Prize: HP-Mini Netbook
  • Week 3 Show: August 31, 2010 – Prize: Canon-PowerShot 14.1-Megapixel Digital Camera
  • Week 4 Show: September 7, 2010 – Prize: iRobot-Roomba Bagless Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

So save these dates and don’t miss a show! Read more about the contest — including official rules — by clicking here.

And if you’re curious what a Roomba Bagless Robotic Vacuum Cleaner looks like, check out this bad boy! (We need one of these in ASICentral!)


ASI Radio Show Halloween Costume Contest Photos

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Here are some of the great photos we received for our first-ever ASI Radio Show Halloween Costume Contest. We’ll start with the winner, and take it from there. Enjoy!   -KB

Wyatt Petkus, submitted by Amy Petkus of Axiom Marketing, Inc. (asi/128262)

WINNER: Submitted by Amy Petkus of Axiom Marketing, Inc. (asi/128262)


Submitted by Rhonda Jacobson of QBF-Solutions Beyond Print (asi/302746)

Submitted by Rhonda Jacobson of QBF - Solutions Beyond Print (asi/302746)

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Last Chance to Vote for the 2009 Counselor Distributor Choice Awards

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Even though the election is over, your vote still counts! Voting for the 2009 Distributor Choice Awards closes this Friday, November 7, so visit our awards page now and make your voice heard. The winning suppliers will be announced at the ASI Show in Orlando on January 3, 2009, and in the February issue of Counselor.


ASI Radio Show Halloween Costume Contest…and More!

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Going to an early Halloween party this weekend? Here’s what you need to do: Before you drink too much witches’ brew and end up getting annoyed by your fake beard/dreadlocks/nose ring/go-go dancer boots and rip it/them off and throw it/them on the floor where they’ll be trampled by a fun-loving Frankenstein or a Palin impersonator, have someone take lots of pictures of you in your costume.

After that’s done, just tune in to the ASI Radio Show this Tuesday at 10:30am to find out how your costume can win you $200! And as if that wasn’t enough, this Tuesday you’ll also find out if you’re the lucky winner of ASI’s “Mortgage for a Month” contest – and the 2K that goes with it. But no matter what, you’ll be a winner once you hear the expert advice and witty banter of the ASI editors at their best. (OK, it’s possible that senior editor Michele Bell might not be at her absolute best, but that’s only because the Radio Show airs so incredibly early in the morning and Michele’s a night owl, and you can’t blame a girl for her natural circadian rhythm!)


Listen to ASI Radio and Win a Free Hotel Suite!

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Mark your calendar now to tune in to the ASI Radio Show tomorrow morning at 10:30am. The ASI editors are welcoming Tim Andrews as a special on-air guest, and they’re giving away a hotel weekend in Chicago!

Just listen for the secret word (along with all the insider sales tips) and enter it into the online form for your chance to win. Good luck, and enjoy the show!


ASI Radio Show: One Contest, One Special Guest, Tons of Advice

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Did you catch this morning’s ASI Radio Show? If not, boy did you miss out! In addition to the witty banter of the ASI editors, today’s show featured a very special guest: Matthew Cohn, Vice Chairman of ASI. Matthew talked about ways that distributors can grow their business by working with non-profits, and gave tips on trade show presentations.

Another thing you missed was the chance to win a free gas card – ASI is giving away 50 of them! Just be one of the first 50 ASI members to enter the secret word from today’s show (hint: it’s Kathy’s cat’s name) into the form, and voila: free gas for you.

But before you kick yourself too hard, relax – you can listen to the archived show online right now and enter the contest. But you’d better hurry, cause those gas cards are gonna go fast!


PS: We want to give a shout out to our team’s own Steve and Frank for their “behind the scenes” work on the radio show each week. When you laugh at a “meow,” a foghorn, or other sound effect, it’s like music to their ears (or at least it would be, if they could actually hear you laughing).


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