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Sales Tip of the Week - Follow Trends

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Next Big ThingYou’re hip, you’re with it, you know all the latest trends … but did you know that it could lead to more sales? Advantages magazine shares some tips on how you can not only find the latest trends, but make them work for you.

Following trends makes for better promotions. Trend alerts are everywhere. Follow blogs. Sign up for RSS feeds from resources related to areas of interest. Subscribe to magazines or newsletters that follow trends within the industries you service. Stay observant on the streets, at the mall and when travelling. Every day you’re presented with clues as to what the next big “thing” will be.

Sales Tip of the Week - Make Your Customer Feel Special

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customerSure, your customers know they aren’t your only customer, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be treated that way. Advantages magazine shares some tips on how to make your customer feel special.  Share your tips here.

When you offer options, choices, range, and variety and create more value through customization and personalization, your customers will feel like they’re your favorite. Implement processes that allow you to recall their questions, preferences and choices in all future interactions. Then customize your offers and suggestions for their next visit or purchase.

Sales Tip of the Week - Don’t Put Your Buyer On The Defense

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howWant to know why your buyer is making a certain decision? Advantages magazine lets us know how to speak to your buyer without making them feel defensive.

If a buyer tells you they’re not ready to make a decision, don’t ask, “Why?” You risk putting the buyer on the defensive. Instead, sales coach Dan Seidman recommends you ask, “How did you determine that we’re not right for you at this time?” Using “how” turns the question into a request to better understand the buyer’s decision-making process.

Sales Tip of the Week - Ask For Referrals

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referralLooking for new business? Ask a satisfied customer for a referral. Advantages magazine shares a few of their tips on how to make the most out of asking for referrals. Share your tips here.

After making a customer happy, ask for referrals. Referred leads have a dramatically faster closing rate than cold leads. Ask for referrals from your clients’ partners and suppliers, as well as from other departments and divisions. You may have been taught to ask, “Who do you know that could benefit from my service?” However, that’s too general and most people will not have names ready for you that quickly. Instead, spend the time researching who you want to be referred to and make the request specific.

Sales Tip of the Week - Engage From The “YOU” Point Of View

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This week’s sales tip, provided by Advantages magazine, reminds us that it’s not all about “ME”. It’s important to interact with your client with them in mind. How do YOU feel about this week’s tip? Post comments here.

Simply inserting the word “you” into a question to your client can make a big difference in your interactions and success. Begin every conversation from the “you” point of view. For example: “What are your thoughts on …?”

Sales Tip of the Week - Make Emotional Connections With Your Clients

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emotionThis week’s sales tip, provided by Advantages magazine, reminds us that clients have other options when it comes to buying. It is important to form a special bond that the client can’t get from anywhere. Check out this new sales tip and let us know what you think - how do you form connections with your clients? Post comments here.

your clients can buy from anyone or any catalog or website. But making an emotional connection with your clients can work wonders in forming bonds they won’t break for a cheaper price. Share stories that will interest them. Remember their big life events. Send handwritten notes.

Sales Tip of the Week - Engage Clients Through Social Media and E-mail Contests

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According to the sales pros over at Advantages magazine, you can build a relationship with clients through contests.  Check out this new sales tip and let us know what you think - do you agree? Post comments here.

Engage clients through fun social media and e-mail contests. Ask them to name a product or come up with uses for a product and they won’t feel any pressure to buy. But you will be building relationships.

Sales Tip of the Week - Fix A Screwed-Up Order

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Wrong OrderFor whatever the reason, orders get screwed up. It’s an inevitable fact of doing business in any product-based industry like ours. But just because you err doesn’t mean you can’t fix the situation, or even improve your image in the long run. This week’s sales tip, provided by Advantages magazine, gives some sound advice on how to fix a sticky situation.

Is the order screwed up? Don’t despair. There are steps you can take to save face with your clients, and maybe even become their hero. Why not try the following? If you know a product the client requests is of poor quality, try to point them to something that’s, perhaps more expensive, but a better choice in the end. The cheap product will likely leave them disappointed. Turn it around quickly. Don’t play the blame game, just fix it. Deliver the new items in person. Let them keep the botched order if they want. Call your suppliers. They want to help you out of a jam.

Sales Tip of the Week - Don’t Check E-mail In The Morning

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Sales Tip - EmailIs e-mail evil? According to the sales pros over at Advantages magazine, it can be, especially in the morning when you should be focusing on your top priorities of the day. Check out this new sales tip and let us know what you think - do you agree? Post comments here.

DON’T check e-mail in the morning. It might seem counterintuitive, but doing so can be problematic for several reasons. “E-mail sucks you into all sorts of things that aren’t crucial — you open your inbox, see 50 new messages and boom an hour is gone,” says Jill Konrath, a sales expert and the author of SNAP Selling. “You’re responding to what other people say, reading an article someone sent, or looking at LinkedIn because one of your connections got a new job.” Instead of letting these new messages dictate how his or her day begins, a sales rep should dedicate their first hours in the morning to what they deem to be their highest priorities. This gives the salesperson a greater say in how the day unfolds and what gets done.

Sales Tip of the Week - Good, Better, Best

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Good, better, best

In a weekly blog post, we’ll be featuring some valuable tips from Advantages magazine on how to improve your selling. This week’s tip: The “Good, Better, Best” approach:

Use the “Good, Better, Best” approach when presenting promotional product solutions. For example, if you’re presenting shirts you might choose a basic version (lighter fabric weight, few style details but very cost conscious); a moderate option (mid-weight with quality perks such as double-needle stitching) and a high-end choice (luxury fabric such as microfiber or heavier cotton, plus fashion details such as trim or special buttons/closures).

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