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Introducing Counselor’s Monthly Online Chat

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Counselor ChatStarting Tuesday, Oct. 18 at 2 p.m. EST, Counselor magazine will begin hosting a monthly online chat (www.asicentral.com/counselorchat) where you can ask our editors any question you have regarding a topic. Chats will being promptly at 2 p.m. and last approximately an hour. After the chats are over, an archived transcript will be posted at the bottom of the page for you to access at your leisure.

This month’s topic: How To Succeed With Online Video

So if you’re looking for ways to succeed with video, join us on Tuesday at 2 p.m. and ask our experts like anything about online video — they’ll be ready to answer your questions and share their own experiences and case studies about video marketing.

Save the date and don’t miss this month’s live chat!

Business Strategy Tips from Counselor Magazine

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Counselor How-to MinuteYouTube is an amazing social network. Not only do I frequent it for the music and viral videos (both funny and bizarre), but I often use it as an educational resource for visual tips on how something should be done. Example: When I couldn’t figure out how to play the guitar riffs on Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good”, I simply YouTube’d it and found this.

There at my fingertips, tons of video clips for people just like me looking for quick tips on how to play a familiar guitar riff. Quick, comprehensive … brilliant! Sure, reading a guitar tab on paper is nice, but *seeing* it in action adds so much more. From brewing the best beer to changing your brake pads, YouTube is a vast resource of how-to knowledge and one of the first places I turn when I need instructions.

Which brings me to the latest video from ASI TV, the “Counselor’s How-to Minute,” which we’re now uploading to YouTube. Billed as “a business strategy video that will focus on how distributor firms can overcome a specific challenge,” this video is perfect for those looking for quick tips on how to succeed in the industry. Thus far, the Counselor How-to Minute has covered three topics:

Watch these videos if you want some quick advice in any of these areas … and stay tuned for more business strategy tips from Counselor!

Double Your “Joe Show” Pleasure

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Lots of wonderful things come in pairs: Pop-Tarts, Tom & Jerry, spaghetti and meatballs, Snookie and J-Woww, R2-D2 and C-3PO, The Joe Show.

The Joe Show?!

That’s right, starting this week Counselor Managing Editor Joe Haley — the iconic and well-coiffed star of The Joe Show — will begin shooting not one, but two hot products videos a week. So instead of one opportunity to see the latest and greatest promotional products in the industry, you now have two. Call it a double dose of Joe, if you will, a second helping of hot products on a weekly basis.

Coinciding with the release of Counselor PromoGram newsletters, you can find a brand-new Joe Show every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. To see all the latest Joe Shows, click here.

And for the record, I was kidding about Snookie and J-Woww. (Well, maybe.)

New ASICentral Video Pages Launched

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From the weekly Joe Show and Advantages Hot Deals Sales Tip of the Week, to Trade Shows and Events, ASI-TV covers a lot of ground and we’re really proud of our videos. So much so that we’ve decided to give them a sweet makeover and a new home on ASICentral. The following is a breakdown of all the features of our new Videos Pages:

  • Appearance. All our videos are still housed in YouTube, but you can play all of them on ASICentral in our beautifully customized video players. Each player has a main window that allows you to watch the most current video, with a list of archived videos to the right. See Example, below.

  • Branding. We’ve come up with 7 top-level categories for all our videos that shy away from the traditional name-branding of the videos for a more categorical branding. The following are the 7 new branding categories:
  1. Hot New Products (Videos from The Joe Show)
  2. Fun (Collection of humorous videos)
  3. Sales Tips (Videos from Advantages Hot Deals Tip)
  4. Industry News (Videos from Counselor PromoGram)
  5. Fashion & Apparel (Videos from Your Stitches & Wearables Fashion Sense)
  6. Media Clips (Videos from media outlets about the industry)
  7. Trade Shows & Events (Videos from the ASI Show and other Events)
  • Navigation. Once you’ve accessed our new Videos Pages, you are now within the “Videos” experience, which means you can now choose from a customized set of icons above the video players for more videos. There seven categories discussed under “Branding” are represented in the new navigation iconography and you can toggle between videos simply by clicking on the icons. See Example, below.

  • Location. By adding the Videos Page in our vertical navigation, you can always access the Videos page from anywhere on ASICentral. Just look about midway down the left navigation and you will see the following icon:

And that’s the gist of the new Videos Pages!

To access the new Videos Pages, click here.

And if you’ve got any feedback regarding the new pages, please send to feedback@asicentral.com.

— VideoVND

Bloopers: The Lighter Side of ASI-TV

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Here at ASI, we film thousands of hours of video most of which ends up on the cutting room floor never to see the light of day … until now!

Ladies and gentlemen, ASICentral Team Blog is proud to present to you Bloopers: Not Seen on ASI-TV! which contains some of our most outrageous and hysterical video outtakes from the past year. Don’t miss:

  • The Joe Show’s Joe Haley wearing a hot, sexy gold jacket two sizes too small (must’ve been cold in the studio that day, eh Joe?! Oooh!)
  • Advantages’ Editor Kathy Huston befuddled yet again by technology (yes, Kathy, the red light on the camera does mean it’s recording)
  • Counselor Managing Editor Andy Cohen doing his stoic best to remain serious among his goofier colleagues

And the highlight that brings it all home …

  • Editor in Chief Melinda Ligos showing off her cheerleading chops with a cute little dance routine to the tune of, what else but “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.


— CuttingCrew

ASICentral Video Now on YouTube

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Hey, if Obama Girl, The Star Wars Kid and the band OK Go can do it, why not ASICentral?! I’m talking about putting video on YouTube and riding the wave to fame and fortune!

Well, maybe not fortune, but here at ASICentral we’re all about fame, taking advantage of the latest technology and trends and using them to market and spread the ASI love. The ASI TV love, that is!

Hoping to expand our horizons, we are now putting all our videos on YouTube. Check out our cool new YouTube video channel here and if you’d like to get updates on when we post new media, click the yellow “Subscribe” button in the upper-left corner of the page.

Now, for some of the benefits of YouTube:

  1. Exposure. By putting all our videos on the largest video sharing website on the planet we increase our potential audience exponentially. Through the very nature of surfing YouTube, there’s no telling who might stumble upon our videos … and love them (or hate them or both! as my college professor once said, “There’s no such thing as negative publicity!”)
  2. Community. Our new ASICentral YouTube channel is a breeding ground for community interaction. Watch videos, share ’em, comment on ’em, send them to friends, email us … it’s all here on our channel page!
  3. Playlists. Just interested in one specific type of video, like the Joe Show? All our videos are separated out in playlists and are accessible individually or in one video player.
  4. It’s a free service. OK, this one’s more a benefit to us, but what the hell right?
  5. Viral phenomena. By being on YouTube this is what could happen, the potential for our videos to gain widespread popularity through Internet sharing (see three examples above).

Best of all, we’ll eventually be implementing YouTube custom video players onto the site so that you can watch ASI TV without ever having to leave ASICentral. And who knows, if Joe Haley of The Joe Show fame ever decides to model a new line of promotional product speedos, we just might have our newest Internet sensation here at ASI.


ps — take a look at an example of a “viral phenomena” below. remember this video from a few years back? over 45,000,000 views! the song really wasn’t all that great but the band decided to film a catchy video for it and the next thing you know these guys are doing the treadmill dance on letterman! crazy. yeah, it’s like that.

ASI Show Videos – One Stop Shop

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We’re all about convenience here at ASICentral. Want to watch all the videos from the ASI Show New York in one place? Look no further than below.

–WeaverD’sDeliciousFineFoods (“automatic for the people”)


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