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Sell This Product – Sandals

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Custom, athletic-quality sandals get your foot in the door for various types of programs.

While Neet Feet Inc. (asi/73525) has been providing custom flip-flops to the ad specialty industry for almost 20 years, the NF Sport Slide was developed for those customers who prefer an affordable, quality athletic-style sandal that does not go between the toes. It’s also perfect for those clients who require a quick turnaround time.

The NF Sport Slide is great for travel groups, corporate events, school fundraising and spirit shops (graphics can be changed on reorders to keep things fresh). The sandals are also ideal for resorts and other promotions requiring a practical and useful product.

John Amsterdam, president, suggests that when talking with clients, salespeople note the comfort and durability of the sandal design, which ensures long-term use and logo visibility. “It’s also nice to note the 50-pair minimum, fast turnaround and that all orders may consist of any combination of four unisex sizes,” he says.
The NF Sport may be upgraded with an embroidered strap, which greatly enhances its perceived value. Plus, it’s imprinted or embroidered in the USA and features a comfortable design, Velcro-adjustable fabric strap, anatomically recessed/textured footbed, arch support and non-slip tread. The sandals are also available in three colors.


  • Velcro-adjustable fabric strap
  • Anatomically recessed/textured footbed
  • Arch support
  • Non-slip tread

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – Bags

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From backpacks and briefcases to totes and travel bags, Banaka’s products will enhance any brand.

Banaka Inc. (asi/38243) has created a niche for its unique bags in the promotional industry. The company offers a wide spectrum of promotional items and corporate merchandise to meet the needs of distributors and retailers. Its product line contains bags of all kinds, including backpacks, computer bags, briefcases, messenger bags, duffel bags, tote bags and travel bags. The company’s main task is to enhance the visibility of the client’s organization and brand, according to Stefan Lee, president.

“Our products assist our clients to ensure that their companies are recognized by other business partners and market potentials,” Lee says. “Exposing your company image is just about the right timing.”

Banaka maintains a varied selection of unique bags that fits all industries, customer bases, income levels and lifestyles. Its most popular product is its line of cooler bags, which keep items at a cool temperature and are most commonly used in hospitals and as promotional gear for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. The next highest selling product is its line of sling packs, perfect for charities and nonprofits, financial services and corporations. Last but not least, Banaka’s drawstring bag is ideal for use in academic environments, such as high schools and college campuses.

“Our bags are versatile for any occasion,” Lee says. “They are the easiest and most efficient way to promote and boost your brand with high impressions.”

Banaka also offers in-house design and customization to suit the needs and functions of any organization. The company’s primary objective is to provide satisfactory customer service to its distributors and to be a one-stop-shop for retailers. Lee is confident imprinted bags are a suitable ad specialty for any type of organization.

“By selecting a bag that suits the organization’s theme and customizing it with embroidery, our clients lead potential customers to a positive perception of their brand,” Lee says. “Giving away such high-quality bags would allow your potential customers to equate your brand with quality.”

Last year, Banaka’s top sellers were its Adventure Sport Backpack (SB-6827) and Ring Canvas Tote (TB-8906). The products’ unique design, versatility and the company’s ability to provide competitive pricing are factors in the success of these bags. Both the backpack and canvas tote are made of recycled paper, textile and plastics and were designed to appeal to clients in search of eco-friendly products. The canvas tote is also biodegradable, making it especially earth-friendly. “Providing exceptional quality with unbeatable price is our core concern,” Lee says.

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – Eco-Friendly

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Products that are safe for the environment don’t have to cost a premium. In-house recycled materials can improve cost-effectiveness and offer big savings.

When Garyline (asi/55990) started molding plastic necktie hangers with recycled plastic in the 1960s, nobody knew recycled would become one of the biggest trends in the industry. The supplier has always molded about 10% of its product.

Scott Denny, vice president, says the company used to collect all the runners, trimmings and rejects in the molding department to be re-ground and recycled. This first-use, primary recycling is food-safe and can be used in housewares such as sports bottles and auto mugs, which are Garyline’s best-selling recycled products. In addition to bottles and mugs, the company offers tote bags, chip clips, ice scrapers, flyers, yo-yos, first aid cases, clipboards, rulers and many other products.

Although many manufacturers sell off the recycled material for use in park benches, flower pots or garbage cans, Garyline began recycling its own plastic 40 years ago as a way to improve competitiveness. “We have always been among the lowest-cost producers because we do not lose 10%-15% of our raw material to waste,” Denny says.

Today, many of the supplier’s products are available made of only recycled materials at costs equal to or less than their non-recycled versions. Expanding the company’s color selection has also improved sales of recycled products.

Garyline prides itself on remaining on the leading edge of technological developments in the industry. In 2008, it began offering sports bottles made of clean, food-safe, re-crystallized, post-consumer recycled PET at a cost comparable to virgin PET. Denny says the company recycled the equivalent of 12 million disposable one-use soda, juice and water bottles into reusable, recyclable sports bottles. And in 2009, the company began purchasing food-safe, post-consumer-recycled HDPE, and from this material, they have developed a 100% post-consumer recycled bike bottle.

“Everyone is concerned for the environment,” Denny says. “Using recycled plastics, especially post-consumer recycled plastics and reusable products that replace disposable products, is a great way to do something to help the environment.”

Most people want eco-friendly options without having to pay a premium. Denny says the higher cost for recycled materials is largely due to many manufacturers and importers who see the popularity of “green” promotional products as an opportunity to cash in. By recycling its own materials, Garyline is able to charge the same for recycled materials.

As a primary manufacturer with all processes under one roof, the supplier can fill large orders in a short lead time. For example, the company can mold and print more than 25,000 units per day of its 20-oz. recycled bike bottle. All its recycled products are made in the USA, and the supplier has independent laboratory tests for all materials and inks and CPSIA certificates of compliance on file for all of its products.


The purchasing manager for a large corporation was “appalled” by the waste and cost of disposable coffee cups used in their many offices around the country. This company was concerned with the economy and was implementing many cost-cutting programs. They were looking everywhere for savings. They purchased a reusable, recycled auto mug for everyone in the company. They sent an effective message that wastefulness was bad for the company and the environment.

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – Food

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Food gifts go a long way toward creating bonds with recipients. Combine them with great packaging and you’re sure to leave a lasting impression.

After a trying year, what better way to acknowledge your clients’ loyalty and patronage than with a deliciously good food gift? “Great-tasting gourmet food gifts have tremendous appeal at fourth quarter,” says Sheila Shechtman, CEO of Gifted Expressions LLC (asi/56777).

“Food can be shared within an office or enjoyed at home, and thus one gift becomes an extremely economical form of gifting,” Shechtman says. “No wrong sizes or colors – just great things to eat!”

Food gifts are perfect for many types of acknowledgements and for gifting in many markets. Occasions like customer appreciation, holiday wishes, referrals, thank-yous, recognition, rewards and employee gifting are just a few ideas.

A package design such as a snowflake is seasonal, while remaining non-denominational, and it serves as an appropriate holiday gift for anyone. The upcoming holiday season is the most popular time to send gourmet food gift towers.

“They are a great way to say thank you to an office or a family because one gift can acknowledge a group of people, and the variety and assortment of great-tasting treats guarantees that there will be something for everyone,” Shechtman says.

She advises distributor salespeople to talk about the “double wow” factor when presenting clients with this food gift tower. Standing 14″ tall, its impressive appearance is the first quality the recipient notices. It has also been custom designed to be differentiated from similar items in the market and is made from a heavy-gauge paperboard. While it is recyclable, it is also considered a keepsake.

“Recipients will keep the boxes for storage in the office or home, serving treats at a holiday party or simply as decorative pieces,” Shechtman says. “When the food is gone, the containers are a constant reminder of who sent it.”

The second wow factor is experienced seven times – when the recipient opens each of the boxes to find
40-oz. net weight of tasty treats to feed 10-15 people. The benefit of sending food is that people tend to gravitate around eating.

“If the product tastes great, the excitement and conversation tends to permeate the office, and the added benefit is that there is buzz about the gift and who sent it,” Shechtman says.

The quality of Gifted Expressions food products and its presentation aim to create a great first impression, but also, Shechtman says, to leave a lasting impression. She advises distributor salespeople to tell clients the gift sends the message that the person sending the gift cared enough to give something tasteful, unique and plentiful. The most important and unique elements of this gift are the attention-to-detail quality and substantial food quantity.

“Because we custom design the majority of our packaging, your customers will not be seeing this gift in the mass market,” Shechtman says. “Our products are packed to the brim, so there is no fluff or fill. The perceived value is always higher than the real cost, and it is important to us that the recipients can keep on going back for more.”

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – Totes

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Extra Relish totes are a stylish alternative to the ordinary lunchbox.

Lunchboxes have come a long way. The newest creation from Built NY, Inc. (asi/42422) is made from neoprene. The Extra Relish Lunch Tote insulates, is water resistant, machine washable and reusable. It’s Built’s first lunch tote with a shoulder strap. With an inside pocket perfect for stashing your favorite treat, David Frank, national sales and marketing manager at Built NY says “it expands to fit everything you relish and more.”

The tote can be used every day and is an ideal bag to take to the gym, beach or pool. Frank says the tote’s wide variety of uses garners maximum exposure for a company’s brand and increased appeal to several promotional markets. The stylish tote is currently being used for employee appreciation, health and wellness, gift-with-purchase, company outings and meetings, travel gifts and trade-show giveaways.

“The versatility of the product appeals to wide audiences, and by aligning with Built NY, clients can be assured that they are getting innovative and unique products that are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd,” he says.

Built NY designers came up with the concept for the tote after they were unable to find one they liked on the market. Frank says when they realized the insulating and protective qualities of Built’s award-winning neoprene wine totes would also make great lunch totes, the Extra Relish tote was born.

“Our products have the dual value of being very stylish and fashionable and extremely functional as well,” Frank says. “Offering our brand ensures they’re giving their clients innovative, unique and patented products that will guarantee to top the eyeball count chart!”


1. Gift-with-purchase. A Canadian pet food company offered a Built NY, Inc. lunch tote as a gift-with-purchase for pet owners who purchased their new line of dog and cat food. A total of 70,000 totes were used.

2. Employee appreciation. As part of their Employee Appreciation Day, an industry-leading retailer packed and distributed 8,000 Built NY lunch totes with a health snack to their employees. The totes have also been used for an Administrative Professionals Day appreciation gift and medical professionals have used them as conference gifts.

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – Chilled Shot Glasses

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Chilled shot glasses are hot new products for many markets.

Plastic Premium Access (asi/78404) has a new and unique promotional shot glass that’s a hot-seller … because it’s chilled.
“When one orders a shot of liquor anywhere, the waitress or bartender will almost always ask, ‘Do you want that chilled?’ Why? Because they know that chilled shots taste better and go down smoother, thus increasing the possibility of a second or even third refill,” says Nancy Stein, sales manager.

Serving a chilled shot by filling a shaker with ice and a shot of alcohol, shaking it and pouring it into a shot glass takes up some of the bartender’s time and can water down the liquor. Plastic Premium Access proposes its new Chilled Shot Glass as a solution to those inconveniences while serving as a promotional product for restaurants, bars, non-alcoholic beverage companies and liquor companies.

Stein says her company, which for almost 50 years has specialized in designing and manufacturing custom-made plastic products, is the only supplier in the industry that offers this product. The Chilled Shot Glass is a 2-oz., double-walled, freezable shot glass with a freezable liquid in between the two walls. It’s also dishwasher safe.

The stock color is clear with clear freezable liquid, but custom plastic and liquid is available for clients who purchase more than 5,000 pieces. For instance, green can be used for St. Patrick’s Day and pink for Valentine’s Day to tie in with a client’s brand or promotional theme.

“By simply keeping a supply of this innovative, new, stackable item in the freezer, bars and restaurants now have a quick and easy way to offer customers a better-tasting, chilled shot, plus a bonus souvenir shot glass,” says Stein. “In our test marketing with local bars, sales of shots went through the roof as patrons purchased multiple shots in order to obtain and take home several of these great, durable and reusable, free-with-purchase shot glasses.”

Distributors can call Plastic Premium Access for a free brochure that highlights ways that their customers can benefit from this promotional product. Salespeople can also request a free sample mocked up with the name or logo of their client’s bar, restaurant, liquor or mixer brand. They can also emphasize how this product is a new, unique item.

“Because this is an entirely new product introduction, you will have the first opportunity to create great case histories for this great product,” says Stein. “As we all know, exciting new promotional products that tie in with a new trend, solve a client’s problem and provide wonderful promotional benefits for your clients don’t come along very often.”

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – ClingZ/Static Magic

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Need to work a little magic for your client’s next promotion? Here’s a product with staying power.

For more than 20 years, California Tattoos Inc. (asi/43530) has been the world’s largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos. “Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA,” says Stephen Tooker, CEO. “We produce over 6 million tattoos every day in our 40,000-square-foot facility. They are made with the safest FD&C-compliant ingredients and meet all CPSC and ASTM requirements. We pride ourselves on providing premium-quality products, reliable and experienced manufacturing, and the best customer service in the promotional products industry.”

Today, the supplier’s custom product line not only includes tattoos, but also scratch-and-win cards, watercolor paint sheets and books, pocket calendars, custom books with tattoos, and the newest product, Static Magic. Powered by ClingZ, this product is manufactured from a patented, electrically charged, printable polypropylene film. Without any form of adhesive, it clings to virtually any clean, smooth, dry surface, including wood, metal, glass, laminate, painted drywall or brick, and it can be repositioned many times without losing its cling or leaving any residue.

“The promotional possibilities are endless,” Tooker says. “Promote your corporate identity, your event, or communicate your message using this revolutionary new medium. Static Magic is great for logos, posters and banners, signage, sports schedules, direct mailers and postcards, calendars, classroom aids, window and wall décor, magazine inserts, and so much more.”

Plus, it can be ordered in any size, even as large as a wall poster. “This unique product will quickly become your favorite advertising venue,” he says. “If you’re using stickers, magnets, or other promotional display products, here is a new, more versatile way to get your message out.”


  • Health Care
  • Restaurants
  • Family Entertainment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Schools and Clubs
  • Media and Broadcast
  • Sports Teams
  • Banks
  • Bars and Night Clubs
  • Public Health and Safety

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – Plastic Cups

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Visstun’s durable plastic cups are colorful and versatile – great for beverages, popcorn or even stuffed with school supplies.

Visstun’s (asi/93975) plastic cups feature high-definition graphics, are top-shelf dishwasher-safe and can even hold snacks. Some clever distributors even use them as part of a school enrollment package to hold school supplies. These are a few reasons the USA-made cups stand out, says Pam Myers, director of marketing.

“The capability to put high-definition graphics on a reusable plastic cup with a low minimum was non-existent prior to Visstun,” Myers says. The cups are printed flat with four-color processing, which allows for distinctive graphics. “Now advertisers can carry their brand message throughout their campaigns without sacrificing the integrity of their logo,” she adds. The plastic cups come in white or clear and in four sizes: 12, 17, 22 or 32 ounces.

Besides the restaurant and beverage industries, top markets include schools and universities; special events such as graduations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and retirement parties; and tournaments and other sports outings. Myers has also seen them used for churches, hospitals and hospices.

Myers advises salespeople to emphasize the initial impact of the high-definition graphics. “Once a high-quality image of a brand is formed, a connection is made and the brand will be committed to memory. These cups offer the perfect canvas to express creative ideas,” she says.

Salespeople should also focus on the durability of the plastic cups and their keepsake value. “These are more than just cups – they are a souvenir of the promotion,” Myers says. “There is a definite advantage to promoting a product that has residual value and endorses a strong brand image each time they reuse these plastic cups. Visstun cups will accurately present the advertiser’s existing marketing material, which in turn will encourage prospects to keep the cup.”


“A seafood restaurant owner was looking for a way to carry on the tradition of serving their meals in buckets for their kids’ menu. But they needed something smaller and more kid-friendly that would allow for an area to imprint their slogan,” says Myers. “Using our high-definition printing capabilities to imprint on the entire cup, we imprinted a silver background, creating the look they desired. Their slogan, ‘Seafood you crave in a bucket’ was added to the cup to complete their request. The end-user also ordered a second set of cups imprinted with our stock cartoon fish background and their slogan to go along with the kids’ meal. These cups were a huge hit with the kids and the parents. The restaurant owner is pleased and continues to reorder.”

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – Travel Mugs

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Take your client’s message on the road.

Mugs have gained popularity in recent years thanks in part to their success in the retail market and America’s love of the drink they most often contain: coffee.

ETS Express, (asi/51197), recognized the success of two distinct retail travel mug designs and created its own high-quality, reusable travel cups for the promotional industry. The “Terra” is an 11-ounce, double-walled porcelain cup with a silicon rubber lid, perfect for both hot and cold beverages. Although it looks like a disposable paper coffee cup, it’s reusable, insulated, and dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It also comes in a special eco gift box, reminding the user of its environmentally friendly qualities.

“Lots of companies are trying to move away from disposable items,” says Adam Kovar, director of sales. “These products look like the familiar branded disposable cups, but they’re reusable, thereby fulfilling corporate responsibility.”

The Terra offers a fitted, secure lid, which eliminates the risk of spilling on computers and keyboards. The 16-ounce Spirit is a double-wall acrylic cup with a threaded lid and straw, and is also safe for both hot and cold drinks and reusable. Kovar says its innovative design resembles similar products on the retail market that sell for much more. “We’re mimicking what large corporations are trying to do,” he says. “With people selling in the corporate environment, this cup is great because it’s insulated, even though it looks like a traditionally cold piece.”

Both pieces are great for a variety of industries – from financial, health and sports, to collegiate use. The key moment in selling both the Terra and Spirit occurs when a person actually holds the cup in their hands. Because they so closely resemble throw-away cardboard and plastic cups, people usually have an “aha” moment when they realize it feels far more substantial than it looks. “When they pick it up, they freak out,” Kovar says. “That’s why we’ve printed ‘It’s more than you think’ on them.”

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

Sell This Product – Counter Mats

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Your clients can make a lasting impression using heavy-duty counter mats as a point-of-purchase promotion.

First impressions count, last impressions sell. This principle underlines the importance of point-of-purchase promotions. CounterPoint’s heavy-duty counter mats deliver targeted marketing and take advantage of a promotional opportunity at the last point of contact with the consumer. Pam Myers, director of marketing at CounterPoint (asi/46767), says the counter mats were developed for maximum durability that can withstand everyday usage in a high-traffic area, but still maintain the advertising message and display the information with high-quality graphics. In other words, they fill the void that would otherwise exist at a point-of-purchase and help create a lasting impression of the brand.

Counter mats are not just for retail. They offer a helpful boost to sales in many different environments including banks, veterinarian offices, medical offices, rental car counters, automotive stores and liquor or convenience stores.

“Because of the durability of heavy-duty counter mats, clients will be able to showcase the information and brand with great clarity,” Myers says.

The mats have a natural open-cell rubber that has dimensional stability and adhesion characteristics provided by its unique Supported Adhesion Coating (SAC). The mats are waterproof and CounterPoint prints directly onto the plastic so there is no paper involved in the printing process. “The large imprint area on the mats enables clients to catch consumers’ eyes with a huge advertising area right where decisions are made and generate impulse sales,” Myers says. All counter mats are made in the USA.


The Burger King counter mat was created to draw the customer’s attention to all of the choices available. The custom-size mat allowed for a large imprint area to showcase the advertising needed, and yet not encroach on the limited counter space. The spinner was added to complete the promotion and has an element of fun by taking the “pressure” off of customers who are undecided.

From the 2009 Advantages September Supplement.

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