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Hot Trend – The Asia Effect

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Asia EffectWhat do you get when you combine striking workers, rising wages, decreasing factory output and shrinking labor pools in the “world’s workshop,” China?

Depleted supplier inventories, longer lead times and higher prices, of course. So much so that Counselor magazine has designated this confluence of unusual and unprecedented problems, or “The Asia Effect,” as its Hot Trends for 2010.

Counselor Editor Michele Bell does a great job of capturing the magnitude and breadth of the situation and how it might affect industry distributors.

Want to learn more? Then read on by clicking here!

And since this is such a hot industry trend, we’ve set up a poll question for our users to gauge just how much this issue might be affecting them. So take the poll now!

Poll: Should Prizes Be Banned From Kids’ Meals

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OK, maybe it’s me, but I just think this is ridiculous.

Santa Clara County, CA, supervisors have passed an ordinance this week that bans restaurants from giving away toys and other promotional products with high-calorie kids’ meals. The ordinance won’t be enforced for three months, but after that there will be fines of up to $1,000.

According to Supervisor Ken Yeager, “This ordinance breaks the link between unhealthy food and prizes.”

Sure, it’s a nice idea, but is the Happy Meal prize really the reason our kids are so fat and unhealthy? Hardly. It’s the parents who allow their kids to eat these foods five times a week that are the problem. But that’s just my opinion. What do you think?

Take the poll now!

What’s Your Favorite Promotional Product?

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About a month ago, I threw down the gauntlet to our ASICentral Facebook fan page users and asked them to upload an image of their favorite promotional product to be later judged and voted on by everyone. Whether they viewed this as an egregious opportunity for self-promotion or a way to show the world a product they genuinely like and use often, we got a lot of great submissions with the spoils being merely bragging rights.

So, without further ado, below are the top 18 submissions, along with their product description and a link to a larger image. Find the one you like best based on whatever criteria you choose — it’s functional, it’s genius, it’s fun — and at the bottom is a poll for you to vote for Your Favorite Promotional Product.

So vote now!

Beistle Hat Thirst Down
1. The Beistle Hat. Submitted by Julie Cajigas. Click here for a larger image. 2. Personalized Football Water Bottle. Submitted by Thirst Down. Click here for a larger image.
3. The Bookkeeper. Holds the bookmark in place and your book closed. Submitted by Bryony Zasman. Click here for a larger image. 4. Cigar Holder Divot Tool. Also doubles as a club holder to keep your grip dry for those “rare” times you miss the green. Submitted by Mark Bontius. Click here for a larger image.
5. The CooLooP Active Water Scarf. Submitted by Peter Banga. Click here for a larger image. 6. Double Sided Lip Balm. Keeps your logo and information right on hand! Submitted by Vanessa Zirkelbach. Click here for a larger image.
7. Double Wall Cup Tumbler with Colored Straw. Submitted by Anna Nowak. Click here for a larger image. 8. Etched Candles. Submitted by Kool Trends. Click here for a larger image.
9. Goldstar Pens. Submitted by Kenny Ved. Click here for a larger image. 10. Grassy Charging Station. For cell phones, media players and cameras.  Submitted by Donn James. Click here for a larger image.
11. ADLites Eco-Friendly Night Light. Electro-luminescent light. Submitted by Stephanie Smith Landry. Click here for a larger image. 12. Grow Guy Grow Cup. The cup is recyclable, and four types of flowering plants are available. Submitted by Lynn Jusinski. Click here for a larger image.
13. Maple Wine Stopper. Submitted by Aspen Line. Click here for a larger image. 14. The Meat Tray Compressed T-shirt. Submitted by Tim Fruehe. Click here for a larger image.
15. The Picnic Stick. No more sandy beer! Submitted by Phillip Sarulllo. Click here for a larger image. 16. Pro Towels Etc. Signature Printing Option. Submitted by Anthony Romano. Click here for a larger image.
17. Pure Glycerine Soap. This all-natural, luxurious soap is available to deboss directly into the soap. Submitted by Paulina Swiatkowski. Click here for a larger image. 18. ScribbleTees. Great for any promotion involving children yet loved by adults too! Submitted by Tim Fruehe. Click here for a larger image.
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What’s the best way to get new business in 2010?

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Take the new ASICentral poll now!

Take The Tiger Woods’ Poll

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So Tiger Woods has gone from iconic sports legend to the butt of every office water cooler joke. For his philandering, I suppose that’s “par for the course” (forgive the bad golf pun).

Anyway, I’m curious just how precipitous his decline will be, especially in the promotional products industry. Take the following poll and let us know.

— PollDaddy

Text Message Polling Has Arrived

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We’ve all seen it before on shows like American Idol (yeah, you know you watch it). Simple text message polling, where viewers or listeners of a live event send a text on a certain topic via their cell phones.

Well, with all the live events that we do here at ASICentral — the weekly radio show, the ASI Shows, the annual Power Summit — we decided to test out some new polling software that allows users to send in their votes from their cell phones.

Here’s how it works: We provide you with the 5-digit number that serves as “our” phone number — in this case, 99503 — then give you either keywords or code numbers that represent your answer to text to us. In other words, you vote by texting a word or number that we provide for you to 99503. Got it?

OK, let’s do a simple text poll on the MLB baseball playoffs:

Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere


If you’re unsure how to do this, go to your cell phone and add a new phone number contact — call it ASI. The number will be simply 99503. After saving the new contact, simply type a one-word text message to that number — PHILLIES, DODGERS, YANKS or HALOS — and hit “send” – it’s that simple! And you can watch the results in real-time, meaning that the graph above will change right before your eyes!

Cool, huh? Well, what are you waiting for!? Test it out already! NOTE: Standard text messaging rates apply.

— POLLdaddy

Poll Results – T-Shirts Rule

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So, the other day I’m in my car driving and eating an Italian hoagie (yes, I multi-task outside of work, too), when all of a sudden this oil-and-vinegar soaked clump of lettuce jumps out of the sandwich and onto my shirt. Without missing a beat, I start blindly fishing about my ride for some napkins, tissues, anything that’ll help me with my slovenly dilemma. Front seat: nothing. Glove compartment: nothing. OK, emergency plan … backseat: bingo!

My gym bag. And in it I find my workout T-shirt — “Penn State Arts Fest 1999“. That’ll do, I think, and voila! I’m relatively clean again.

My point? Well, not only is that T-shirt a promotional item, but it’s also 10 years old! So it’s no wonder that when we posed the question What Is Your Top-Selling Product This Year? on ASICentral, the answer was, overwhelmingly, T-shirts! In fact, almost 40% of respondents who took the poll said T-shirts were their top-selling product so far in 2009.

The following is a breakdown of the results from our latest poll:

It’s no wonder T-shirts are still such a hot promotional item – when you think about all the impressions my one Arts Fest shirt received through the years — and will continue to receive in the future — they’re certainly worth the price.

And as long as there are slobs out there like me willing to wear grease-stained T-shirts, the market for promotional apparel T-shirts will never die.

— SloppyD

Hot or Not for the Industry?

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For the July issue, Counselor magazine went in search of various styles popular with some A-list celebs and asked the following question:

Could these trends and styles translate to the promotional products industry?

Assisting them in their endeavor, industry apparel experts who know a few things about fashion. The result: A great read full of interesting facts, insightful quotes and humor. (Read the artcle.)

But we here at ASICentral thought, how can we take this a step further? And the answer: You make the call!!!

Sure, it’s fun to read the experts’ opinions on whether Christina Aguilera’s leopard print body suit is laughable, but what do you think? Could these styles and trends make it in the promotional products industry? Take our celebrity “Hot or Not for the Industry” poll now!


Poll: How Socially Networked Are You?

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I’ll admit it, in the past year I’ve become somewhat of a social networking geek. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo, Ning, MySpace … I’m out there, baby, and lovin’ every minute of it! (WARNING: More bad pop culture references might lie ahead.)

But if you asked me a year ago what social networks I subscribed to, my answer would be only LinkedIn. I fought the social networking pressure with the poise of a prizefighter, but ultimately succumbed when the weight of morbid curiosity became too much to bear. And now I am addicted like the millions and trillions of others who have jumped onto the social networking bandwagon within the last year. Which leads me to the point of all this … how do you compare with the social networking trend?

We’ve set up a multiple-choice poll on central asking the following question:

Do You Use Social Networking Sites Now Compared to One Year Ago?

Call it more morbid curiosity, but we’d like to know where our users stand. Take the poll by clicking on the following link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=5IJDE4D0zq8x4ZUjNk3NJA_3d_3d

Or just click on the image below:



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