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Super Bowl XLIX Poll Results – Favorite Seahawks Sacked

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Now that we can close the book on one of the best, most exciting Super Bowls in history, it’s time to look at how well our users did in our annual www.asicentral.com Super Bowl Poll.

Not unlike myself, the majority of voters (58%) figured that the Seattle Seahawks would repeat as Super Bowl champs by defeating the much-maligned and heavily scrutinized New England Patriots (42%). Had it not been for late interception on the 1-yard line, majority would have ruled; instead, one of the worst play calls in the history of the Big Game had the underdog Pats riding high in the end.

Here’s how our users voted (total votes: 65):

Super Bowl Poll Results

Poll Results – Chrome is King

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Oh my, how far has Internet Explorer fallen?

Just five years ago, IE was by far the predominant browser I used on my desktop. And now, sadly, I hardly use it anymore, at work or at home. But my Internet behaviors aside, I wanted to know from our users which browser they preferred to use from their desktops, so I posed this question on our Facebook page:

Which Internet browser do you use most often on your desktop? Here are their answers in chart form: (Total votes: 65)

Stunning, huh? Of all the answers we received, only 4% said they used the Microsoft product, with Google’s Chrome leading the way with 53% of the votes. But since this was Facebook and your answer was directly attributed to your name, I thought that maybe some people may have been dishonest in their use of IE since, well, it’s not the most trendy thing these days. (Security flaws tend to do that.)

Anyway, I reached out to our users on ASICentral.com via an anonymous poll, and what I found out is this: Chrome is still king … but not by as big a margin. And IE’s not the peon we were led to believe on Facebook. Here are the results from our ASICentral.com poll: (Total votes: 389)

  • Internet Explorer: 78 votes (20%)
  • Chrome: 174 votes (45%)
  • Firefox: 94 votes (24%)
  • Safari: 41 votes (10%)
  • Other: 2 votes (1%)
So what do you think of these results? Post a comment now!
–Doogie Browser

Poll Results – First Quarter Sales Expectations

Filed under: Poll Results

With the industry’s first quarter wrapping up, it’s now time to present the results of our most recent poll, which asked the question “I expect my first-quarter sales to be:” with the following answer options:

  • More than last year
  • Less than last year
  • About the same

Of the 146 total votes, 98 (67%) said they expect their 2014 1st-quarter sales to be more than 2013, with 25 (17%) saying they think sales will be less. The remaining 23 votes (16%) said they expect sales to be about the same.

Here are the full results in graph form.

1st Quarter 2014 Sales Predictions

Poll Results: Social Media Is What?

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Since part of my job requirement is to maintain ASI’s social media, it’s no surprise then how I feel about the Facebooks and Twitters of the virtual world we live in. If you have a business you simply must must have a social media presence, period. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

But my perspective is different than a lot of folks in this industry, so we ran a poll question late last year about what our users thought social media was.

The question: Social media is a … (139 total votes)

With three answer options:

  • Great marketing tool (80 votes, 58%)
  • Necessary evil (34 votes, 24%)
  • Waste of time (25 votes, 18%)

Fortunately, nearly 60% of our users voted that social media is a great marketing tool, which makes me feel a whole lot better about what I do! Here’s the visual pie-chart breakdown.


Social Media Poll Results

Poll Results: What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Pie?

Filed under: Fun, Poll Results

I love everything about pumpkins. The jack-o-lanterns, Halloween, the autumn season and even the beer. But nothing compares to the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie … at least, that’s my opinion.

Leading up to Thanksgiving 2013, we at ASICentral wanted to find out what others thought, did they feel the same love for pumpkin pies as I did? Or would some of the other traditional pies like pecan and apple be preferred? To be honest, I thought apple would kick butt and reign supreme, but what do I know about food? I still think frozen pizza is a taste sensation.

Much to my surprise, not only did the pumpkin pie win, but it got over 40% of the 231 votes. Apple? Well, let’s just say it finished a distant third.

Here are the full results to the question: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving pie?

Total Votes: 231

  • Pumpkin: 95 votes (41%)
  • Pecan: 58 votes (25%)
  • Apple: 49 votes (21%)
  • Sweet Potato: 17 votes (8%)
  • Lemon Meringue: 12 votes (5%)

Favorite Pen Ink Color? Black Rules

Filed under: Poll Results

This is the promotional product industry, and any veteran knows that pens are a staple product. So popular are writing instruments that, according to the 2012 Global Advertising Specialty Impressions Study, they are the most popular product in not only the USA, but Great Britain, Canada and France!

This industry sure does love its pens, but I got to wonderin’: what pen ink color is the most popular?

Of course, I knew the only contest would be between the colors black and blue, but I threw in a few fun colors to make things interesting, like green (y’know, for the eco-conscious), purple (‘tweens anyone?) and red (a fave among school teachers).

Surprisingly, this wasn’t much of a contest at all. Black beat blue, and quite easily. The biggest surprise, however, is how many votes purple received!

The following is the breakdown for the question: Which pen ink color is your preference? (487 total votes)

  • Black, 239 votes (49%)
  • Blue, 189 votes (39%)
  • Red, 13 votes (3%)
  • Green, 12 votes (2%)
  • Purple, 34 votes (7%)

Poll Results: Facebook Rules the Ad Specialty Business World

Filed under: Poll Results

When I posted the June poll “Which Social Network Do You Use Most For Business?” I figured most of our ad specialty friends would vote for Facebook, and they did. Over 50% of the total votes went to the social network that now boasts over 1.1 billion users and growing. This definitely did not shock me …

However, what did shock me was that Pinterest, the social network that really lends itself to imagery, received just one measly vote! Given that this is an industry rife with new and interesting products, I personally believe that companies should be looking a little more closely at Pinterest as a platform to promote their products. But I digress …

The following is the breakdown of votes for the question: “Which Social Network Do You Use Most For Business?” (191 total votes)

  • Facebook, 103 votes (54%)
  • Twitter, 13 votes (7%)
  • YouTube,  7 votes (4%)
  • LinkedIn, 67 votes (35%)
  • Pinterest, 1 vote (0.5%)

Social Media Use In Promo Products Industry

Poll Results: How Much Vacation Are You Taking This Summer?

Filed under: Poll Results

Wow, we sure have some workaholics in this industry. I always knew promotional products professionals worked hard, but when it comes to vacations, I figured they vacationed hard too. According to our latest poll results, however, that doesn’t seem like the case.

On May 1 we posed the question: How much vacation are you planning to take this summer? Answer options, including votes and percentage, were as follows:

  • 1 week (60 votes, 20%)
  • 2 weeks (64 votes, 21%)
  • A couple long weekends (54 votes, 18%)
  • What’s a vacation? (125 votes, 41%)

Looks like a long, hard summer ahead for some of us. That’s too bad … I’ll be thinking of y’all as I hike Yosemite in August. Cheers!

Here is the breakdown of votes in a graphic. (Total Votes: 303)

Poll Results

Poll Results: Has Trust Between Suppliers and Distributors Improved?

Filed under: Poll Results

Is trust between suppliers and distributors Better, Worse or the Same today than five years ago?

That’s the question we posed to our users last month, and according to our results, the answer is bleak.

By a margin of 42% (93 votes) to 34% (76 votes), our users voted for “Worse” over “Better” with the remaining 24% (52 votes) saying “Same”. (Don’t miss Counselor magazine’s 3-part look at trust issues in the industry.)

Here’s the complete breakdown to this poll: (TOTAL VOTES: 221)

Trust between Suppliers and Distributors

Poll Results – Are Clients Asking for USA-Made Products? Yes!

Filed under: Poll Results

According to our poll results, looks like “Made in America” is back and thriving once again in the promo products industry!

In early February, we posted the following question to our users: Clients are asking for USA-made products: with the following answer options:

  • More
  • Less
  • About the same
  • They are indifferent

Of the 250 total votes, almost two-thirds (163 votes, 65%) said “more”, while less than 5% (12 votes) said “less”. Rounding out the remainder of the votes were “About the same” with 17% (43 votes), and “They are indifferent” with 13% (32 votes).

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart, to this poll: (TOTAL VOTES: 250)

Poll: Made In The USA

Take the new poll on ASICentral.com now!

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