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Marketing Tip of the Day: Write a Good Email Subject Line

Filed under: Marketing

Everyone gets too much e-mail. The key is to make people open your e-mail marketing efforts. Here are three tips to make sure that your subject line stops them from just hitting delete:

1. Write the subject line last. “It makes more sense to come back to the subject line after you finish writing the content,” says John Arnold, author of E-mail Marketing for Dummies and Web Marketing for Dummies. “Look for the most compelling topic to highlight in your subject line.”

2. Give a hint. “A vague subject line is a waste of space,” Arnold says. For example, consider a monthly newsletter with the subject line of “Bob’s Bistro Newsletter: July, 2009.” According to Arnold, “This fails to tell the recipients anything about what they will find when they open the e-mail and offers very little reason to do so. A better approach for a newsletter is, ‘Bob’s Bistro: Our favorite recipes shared.’”

3. Keep it short and simple. In just three seconds or less, recipients will either open or delete your e-mail, says Arnold. And “with only 30-50 characters, including spaces, to create a winning subject line, you must convey your most powerful statement into those few words.” – Kenneth Hein

— From Counselor’s 2009 State of the Industry


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