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Hot Promotional Product – Text-Free Driver

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Text-Free DriverThis morning as I’m driving into work I notice this dump truck in front of me swerving from the center lane and into the left one. Then back to the center. Then to the right. Then … the shoulder.

My first thought was, what if this poor dude’s had a heart attack and he needs help?!

So, with the strength of a 4-cylinder, 128-horsepower 2003 Corolla at my disposal, I hit the gas and caught up to him in, well, eventually … and once I got there, what did I find?

Not only was he not having a heart attack or in any physical distress, but he seemed to be having a good ol’ time texting (and hopefully not “sexting”) with God knows who. OK, this is a major driving infraction. A huge penalty. If I had a yellow flag in my car I woulda thrown it at him. Instead, I began texting my friends at how appalled I was (Ok, that’s a joke …).

Anyway, this got me to thinking about a specific promotional product that would’ve been perfect for Mr. Swerving Dump Truck Texter Guy and how it could’ve prevented some awkward and dangerous moments for people driving on Interstate 95 South this morning in Central Jersey.

The “Text-Free Driver” is a little thumb band that can be worn by people before they get into a car to remind them of the dangers of texting and driving. From supplier BamBams (asi/38228), this is an awesome product for this day and age, and one that I certainly give a “thumbs-up” to (no pun intended)!

Hot Product of the Week: Bamboo Bob

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When I think of bamboo, I think of China. And plants. And big, black-and-white panda bears gnawing on wood.

What I don’t think about, however, is clothing made out of what is essentially Mother Nature’s weeds (unless it’s hemp, but then my mind goes in a totally different direction). Which leads me to this week’s Hot Product of the Week! Introducing the Bamboo Bob (Sportailor Inc. asi/88796), compliments of this month’s Advantages’ June Product Showcase.

Details: Bamboo Bob shorts are made from 50% bamboo/50% microfiber. Available in stone, khaki, brass or black in men’s even sizes 32-42.

Why We Like It: Anytime you can inject the word “wood” into a conversation about your pants, it’s a good thing. Add alcohol, and bam! There’s a not-so-subtle joke in here somewhere! (And to boot, these shorts are pretty cool and casual. Hell, I might even wear them.)

— Bam-Boozer

Hot Product of the Week: Polo Pup

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Dog clothes. Clothes … for dogs. Yes, folks, it’s not a fabrication, but a fact. People love to primp and preen their pooches and dress them up in everything from polyesther to polos. And now, there are promotional products to prove it. (Holy alliteration!!!)

Introducing the “Polo Pup” (S&S Activewear asi/84358), a new ringspun cotton shirt for that discriminating pooch in your life, compliments of Wearables Dog Apparel Product Showcase.

Details: Dress a dog for an afternoon on the golf course with this light blue polo. On Molly, this miniature version of corporate America’s favorite casual Friday shirt is made of 100% combed ringspun cotton; it also has a two-snap placket closure on the front and double-needle stitched rib binding on the leg holes. It’s a look that’s great for any outdoor event. Product number 3924, sizes XS-L, four colors.

Why We Like It: Not only did I not know clothing for pets was so popular that it merited a line of stylish polos made from the finest fabrics, but apparently dogs also play golf. Man, who knew? So the next time “Molly” gets that jones to hit the links, be sure you’ve got a few of these polos set aside. Greens fees can be exorbitant these day, but not nearly as bad as the ridicule that comes with golfing in your birthday suit.

–vin D-O-Double-G

Hot Product of the Week: Poo Paper

Filed under: Hot Product of the Week

One of my all-time favorite Rodney Dangerfield quotes, from the movie Back to School:

“Ya gotta look out for Number 1, but dont step in Number 2!”

Classic Rodney. But just about any joke referencing bodily functions usually sticks, no matter who’s delivering it. Which brings me to this week’s Hot Product of the Week, which is definitely no joke!

Introducing Odorless Poo Paper! (Spector & Co. – asi/88660). Made from elephant droppings, this paper will change the way you look at poop — as well as paper — forever.

Details: Did you know that an average elephant produces 220 pounds of dung everyday? Where does all that poo go? Well, some of it gets turned into paper. This hardcover journal contains 32 sheets of 100recycled paper made from elephant poo. Don’t worry. It’s odorless ? we promise. Consider selling to waste management companies.

Why We Like It: A promotional product … made out of poop? OK, ordinarily I could put a period at the end of that sentence and be done with it because that’s reason enough. But because of the earth-friendly implications, it’s doubly good. Instead of chopping down trees, maybe one day paper’s only requirement will be a bunch of shovels and some enormous pachyderms. We can dream, right?


Hot Product of the Week: Plastic Twist-Off Top

Filed under: Hot Product of the Week

I hate drinking beverages from an aluminum can. Of course, if I have to I make sure that I clean the top really well, you know like with the end of my shirt and a little spit or something because who knows what kind of bacteria collects in those silver crevices. Anyway in my world, bottles rule.

But that may change thanks to our latest Hot Product of the Week!

Introducing the ingenius Plastic Twist-Off Top! (Ewinwin asi/53333), compliments of Advantages’ Beach Product Showcase.

Details: Plastic twist-off top fastens onto aluminum beverage cans to preserve carbonation. The top dome portion carries imprint. Comes in a variety of glow-in-the-dark colors.

Why We Like It: No longer do I have to lick my shirttails after cracking open an aluminum can of beer! As long as I’m carrying one of these around, I just snap it on and pour it down. No more worries about catching swine flu, botulism or mad cow disease! And best of all, if I’m nursing that mighty 12 oz. beer like an Amish freshman then I can put the cap back on and save it for later without losing any carbonation. How great is that! Oh, and it glows in the dark??? RAD!!!


Hot Product of the Week: Nylon Fanny Pack

Filed under: Hot Product of the Week

Fanny packs to me have always been a turnoff, no matter how utilitarian they can be. Something about the way it wraps around your waist, the bulbous protruding sack, the zipper … i dunno, it just looks ridiculous to me. Call me crazy but I’d rather stuff valuables down my sock than get caught wearing a fanny pack.

That is … until now!

Behold perhaps the greatest advancement in fanny pack technology since it’s inception … the Nylon Reflective Fanny Pack (Behar Marketing/My Bag asi/39511), this week’s coveted Hot Product of the Week! (Compliments of Wearables’ Safety Product Showcase.)

Details: This nylon fanny pack offers a convenient space for belongings and a reflective yield symbol on the front pouch. The pack features a zippered top opening with rain flap, side zipper pockets and an adjustable belt. Available in a variety of bright colors. Perfect for: evening dog walkers and joggers.

Why We Like It: Look at this thing. Just LOOK AT IT. Not only do I want to wear it while I’m jogging or walking a dog, but I feel this overwhelming need to don a cape and tights and wear it to work. It’s a “Geek” atmosphere back here at Team Central, and this product speaks to us in supernatural ways. Utilitarian? Who cares when you’re wearing a superhero’s codpiece!

— BATwing

Hot Product of the Week: Do The Robot

Filed under: Hot Product of the Week

Like blue jeans, caffeine fixes and text messaging, some thing’s just never get old or go out of fashion.

Or like when you’re at a club and the DJ’s spinning some electronic tune and suddenly someone busts out some classic “Robot” moves and wows the crowd! If you can pull that off the way Crack does when he goes clubbing, then it’ll never get old. Period.

Which brings me to our latest Hot Product of the Week! compliments of Counselor‘s May Product Showcase.

This Week’s Pick: Do The Robot by CleggPromo (asi/45450).

Details: Maybe it’s not quite as popular as the “bunny hop” or the “chicken dance,” but “the robot” still has legs on the club scene. This dancing robot promises to bring down the house and bring to light the logo of your clients. Clubs will line up to get this product in the door.

Why We Like It: A promotional product geared toward the club scene that does “the robot”?! Are you kidding me, what’s not to like? (And not only does it dance like Crack, but it kinda looks like him too. So there’s that added benefit.)

– mrROBOTo

Hot Product of the Week: Keychain Battery Charger

Filed under: Hot Product of the Week

The ad specialty industry is not all stress balls, water bottles and pens, y’know! In fact, some of the coolest, most useful and innovative products are conceived in this industry, which leads to our latest Blog feature: Hot Product of the Week!

Each week we here at Team Blog will pick out our favorite product from the current product showcases on ASICentral, whether it’s for utility, design, innovation, etc … essentially whatever floats our boat, and we’ll present it right here in all its glory.

This week’s pick: The Keychain Battery Charger by Pingline (asi/78137).

Details: Keychain battery charger works on almost all lithium-ion batteries. Just remove the battery from a phone, camera, etc.; adjust the connectors on the charger to fit the battery; and plug the charger into a USB port.

Why We Like It: I mean, c’mon what a great idea! Who hasn’t been out and about when either your cell phone or camera battery kicks it and you can’t snap a pic or send a text right when you need it most? If you’ve got one of these thingies snapped to your keychain, problem solved baby! Sure, it’s another annoying thing to carry around and, if you’re like me, you probably already resemble a high school janitor with all the crap dangling from your keychain, but what’s one more?!

— keychainGANG


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