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Tip of the Day – 5 Benefits of Selling Eco-Friendly Apparel

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Eco ApparelWhen it comes to the environment, I like to think that I do my part. I recycle, take mass transit when I can, and turn off the water when I brush my teeth. I’m good like that.

And with Earth Day rapidly approaching, it got me thinking about the industry and how some people, despite the perception that it can pricey, are really making an effort to sell “green” products. In fact, this month’s Wearables University (in Wearables magazine) has a great little fabric tutorial on the five benefits of selling eco-friendly apparel. Check this edition out now, and in the meantime here are the five benefits:

  1. Absorbent and airy: Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton fabrics breathe, helping the body to cool naturally. These fabrics also absorb moisture and wick away perspiration from the body. Quite simply, they are nature’s performance fabrications.
  2. Hypoallergenic: Because organic fabrics are made from crops without the use of chemicals, they’re better for babies, children or adults with sensitive skin. Some eco-friendly fabrics (such as bamboo and hemp) even deter bacterial growth.
  3. Soft hand: Organic cottons and silky bamboo fabrications are extremely soft and pleasant to wear. Hemp gains a lovely hand after several washings, much like a well-loved linen.
  4. Sun protection: Some eco-friendly fabrics, like those made of bamboo and hemp, are naturally UV-resistant.
  5. Strength: Consider the durability and tensile strength of hemp, which has been used in rope and ship sails to withstand wear and the elements.

Six Myths About Going Green

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Going GreenCan one person really make a difference? If they’re buying eco apparel, then the answer is yes!

This month’s “Business of Wearables” edition, written by John Veach of Century Place Inc., describes how all “great journeys start with the first step” and that one singular person can make a difference. It’s a good read, complete with six myths about going green, so check it out! And in the meantime, to pique your interests about the eco-friendly movement, here are the six myths:

  • Myth #1: I alone can’t make a difference.
  • Myth #2: Recycled products will only produce low-grade attire.
  • Myth #3: I can’t be certain these products are eco-friendly.
  • Myth #4: It costs more to support and purchase eco-friendly products.
  • Myth #5: Eco-friendly apparel doesn’t need my support.
  • Myth #6: We have an abundant supply of natural resources.

Tip of the Day – 5 Earth-Friendly Options

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Curious about what to look for when sourcing for earth-friendly promotions? Try searching for these options:

  1. Biodegradable corn plastic is used for everything from pens to mugs.
  2. Solar-powered technology “fuels” earth-friendly flashlights, calculators and more.
  3. Organic cotton, bamboo or hemp makes apparel “green.”
  4. Recycled PET transforms traditional polyester and plastics into environmentally correct choices.
  5. Naturally appealing products like plant seedlings, seed packets and even imprinted walnuts provide a clever alternative to man-made promotional items.

From Advantages University, April 2010.

Top 10 Eco Friendly Products

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In honor of Earth Day next month, ASI has created its first-ever top-10 list of eco-friendly giveaways. Included in the list is — among other products — a neat bamboo dinnerware set, seed paper postcards and, no joke, a journal made entirely out of elephant poop! (right)

For the complete top-10 list, including the contact information on how to purchase products, go to www.asicentral.com/earth.

And as a special bonus, our very own Joe Haley — of The Joe Show fame — gives us a video rundown of the top-10 eco-friendly products in the industry today. Click here to watch the video, or just watch it below.

Peace, man.

— Mr. ECO

Poll: Is Green Movement Losing Steam?

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Just a few years back it seemed that everyone was jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. Whether you were buying an electric car or an organic t-shirt, “going green” was the hip thing to do and it was said to be more than a fad, but a trend that was here to stay.

Then the recession hit, and the cards were shuffled a bit.

According to a recent article in Counselor magazine, not only is the green marketing losing steam,  but a number of experts agree that it is no longer as integral a focus as it had been just months ago.

“A lot of businesses jumped on board because it was trendy, not because they believed in it. They did it because the polls showed this or a focus group said that. Others never got started,” says Simon Sinek, owner of strategic marketing consultancy Sinek Partners. “Now it’s not trendy.”

But according to Marc Held, national sales manager of Bodek & Rhodes, not only is the green market doing well, but it’s poised to make a significant comeback, especially with apparel. Watch the video here, or click on the video below.

What do you think? Is the Green movement losing steam? Take the new ASICentral poll now, or post a comment to the blog.



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