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Download your ESP Presentation!

Filed under: ESP Updates and Tips

So you want to save your presentation quick and easy! Well, you’re in luck because based on your feedback, there is a nifty download button right in the presentations toolbar!

You can still email it or send a pdf link to your customers, but if you need it on the go, download it, and take it with you!

Click here to read more about what you can do to get your presentation out to your customers.

No More License Registration Screens on ESP!

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Well, hello there. How was your birthday? Just kidding, we have more important things to discuss (not that your birthday isn’t important, happy birthday!). You know those pesky registration screens that come up unanticipated in ESP Web? I’m here to tell you, you they are gone!

Plus, ESP Web has this nifty new login page, where you don’t even need to login more than once! Click here to learn about the new ESP Web login page and when you are done, you’ll be an ESP Web Ninja. How cool is that?

Click here to learn more about logging into ESP Web.

ESP Web Searching: Tips and Tricks!

Filed under: ESP Updates and Tips, General

Hi, everyone…let’s get out of our ESP searching slump, shall we? I’m going to give you some ideas on how to find your products. Tips and tricks if you will.

I know it can be more challenging than you might think to find a pen, or even a notebook…there are tons of products on ESP; I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it. But, have no fear, and don’t fret – ESP has what you’re looking for!

Click here to view our crafty Tips and Tricks document for product searching on ESP, where we help you decide how to search using categories, advanced searching, and even the neat visual search.

Left Navigation Templates in ESP Websites!

Filed under: ESP Updates and Tips, General

It’s time to have some fun with ESP Websites! I know, how can you possibly have fun in ESP Websites?  I’ll tell you. Left navigation, everyone, let me say it again…left navigation! We just recently added several new fabulous templates that have so much to offer (like a left navigation).

So sign onto ESP Websites and check out these brand-new, just-for-you templates! While you’re at it, if you haven’t published a website, ever, dig into these really helpful articles on our ASI Knowledge Base:

Accessing ESP Websites, Build Your ESP Website: Quick Launch, and hey, if you’re not all about taking the learn-it-yourself route, sign up for an ESP Websites training with one of our really great Technical Support representatives.

Introducing Ask Julee!

Filed under: ESP Updates and Tips, General

Hi there, everybody! Do you have a question about an ASI product or service? Ask me! If you are interested in learning neat tips and tricks about ESP and other products, read this column! And hey, if it generates a question or an interest in another topic for next time, email me!

This is the new one stop location for all things ASI Knowledgebase, from member benefits to product searching, the sky is the limit – so sit back and let the learning begin!


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