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Sales Tip of the Week – Inspiration

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inspirationNeed inspiration for a client’s promotion?  Advantages magazine says pull out your portfolio.

What has worked for one client in years past might be applicable with some updating and tweaking for another client. The key is to choose elements that were effective then customize them for the new client, rather than a wholesale copy of the original campaign.

Sales Tip of the Week – Offer Options

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optionsYou always want to present your clients with at least two product options.   Advantages magazine shares tips on how to explain the differences between a budget-sensitive item and a better-quality version that’s slightly more expensive. 

Discuss the materials from which they’re made and how they’re constructed. What, if any, special features or functions does the more expensive item offer? Talk about return on investment and cost per impression as you compare and contrast quality. Does spending a few more cents per piece on better quality mean that the cost per impression might actually be lower than that of the cheaper product? Usually it does, which ultimately sells the budget-minded client on the higher-priced option.

World Cup 2014: Promotional Products

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CaxirolaBy Corrie Purvis, ASI Intern

With the World Cup upon us, there is no denying the fresh breath of soccer America has recently inhaled. Seemingly everywhere are advertisements, events and products focusing on this summer’s action in Brazil. As the World Cup is the world’s most-watched sporting event, it is a great idea to become familiar with some of the most popular promotional products in the soccer industry today.

Aside from the usual gear that surrounds the World Cup (T-shirts, flags, face paint), there are two prominent items that everyone seems to have in Brazil: face masks and caxirolas (pronounced cash-ee-roll-uh). The former, created by companies like GameFace, gives supporters a less-sticky alternative to face paint as fans can simply place their country’s flag (or even favorite player’s face) on their own face to show their pride. The masks provide a large amount of space for advertisements and are relatively inexpensive. While this is a huge product for this summer, the mask doesn’t come close to the controversy and notoriety of the caxirola.

This grenade-shaped maraca is Brazil’s take on another tongue-twisting novelty noisemaker, the vuvuzela, introduced at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Based off of the caxixi, a traditional Brazilian instrument, the caxirola was destined to be the talk of the sporting world.

They are small enough to hold in your hand, and much quieter than the aforementioned vuvuzela, sounding more like the hissing of a snake. Their barren exterior is also perfect to add logos or country flags, and the caxirolas come in a wide array of color combinations.

“The image of the green and yellow caxirola, it enchants,” said Brazil President Dilma Rousseff, speaking of her country’s colors. “It is an object that has the ability to do two things: to combine the image with sound and take us to our goals.”

Unfortunately, the noisemaker has been banned from the 12 game locations in Brazil (but are still used outside the gates), as a game leading up to the World Cup featured fans throwing the instruments onto the pitch. This did not stop FIFA from selling them on their online store, however, where they go for $14. Other distributors sell caxirolas both online and in-store.

Promo Products On Display At Punk Rock Flea Market

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Punk Rock Flea MarketBy Corrie Purvis and Rachel Abraham, ASI Interns

With over 500 vendors displaying all kinds of unique and interesting items, the Punk Rock Flea Market kicked off its annual event this past weekend in downtown Philadelphia. Everything from instruments, apparel and baked goods to jewelry and artwork were on display, which gave many artists and businesses a chance to get some serious exposure.

‘Adorned by Aisha’ owner and designer, Aisha Loeks, has been setting up shop at the flea market for two years. Her company sells vintage-inspired jewelry.

“My jewelry line is inspired by the vintage looks favored by my beloved, and stylish, grandmother. When she passed away I inherited all of her jewelry,” said Loeks. “I loved how beautiful and masterfully crafted each piece was. I felt like this kind of thoughtfulness and quality was lacking in today’s accessories. So many things are made fast and cheap now. So I took some of her pieces and cast them, making a mold from each and then poured resin into the mold to make a new piece that was cast from a vintage piece.”

The flea market gives Aisha a chance to talk to customers about her designs and answer any questions they may have. “They are really great about getting the word out there and they have been around for a while now so they have a great following,” says Loeks.

Loeks also uses a lot of social media to market her business, keep in touch with fans, post updates, and announce sales and special events, and she can be found on many social networks including Facebook.

Another artist, Dylan Tierney, was featured at the event. Her company Dylan Burns Wood Pyrography & Custom Wood Work has been in business since February. “I like wood-burning band logos, TV pop culture and cute kitschy stuff,” said Tierney. “I started to make some key hooks too, so it’s a functioning piece of art. All my pieces have hangers on the back ready to hang also. If you want anything custom let me know.”

She uses social media as well. Her Tumblr gets linked from Instagram and her products are sold on Etsy.

Dylan thinks showcasing her art at the flea market is a really great opportunity. “I have gotten such a good response. People ask for custom orders and say I should try this or that to get my name out there. At the flea markets people can see and feel the wood burning. I try to take angled pictures to post online but you really get to see the detail in person,” says Tierney.

Another artist, Ukiah Carbone-Gambon, relied solely on the Flea Market for exposure. “I’ve been having a bit of trouble tech-wise setting up my website,” he said, handing over a business card. His print work features funny quotes and sayings, and can be found on notepads, stationery and simple wall displays.

Overall, the Punk Rock Flea Market was a great chance to encounter artists in the local Philly art scene. It was an event that was great for all ages and brought a lot of people out. While there were some clearly professional artists, there were also many vendors simply selling their old “junk” – items that could easily feature a promotional logo or design.

See a full gallery of photos on our Facebook page.

Sales Tip of the Week – Provide Statistics

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statisticsWant to show your prospects a reason to expect success from your promotional solutions? Advantages magazine says provide research.

Show compelling case histories that relate to their industry or type of marketing issue. Provide statistics that illustrate the kind of return on investment your prospect can expect from your proposed solution.

Poll Results – Chrome is King

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Oh my, how far has Internet Explorer fallen?

Just five years ago, IE was by far the predominant browser I used on my desktop. And now, sadly, I hardly use it anymore, at work or at home. But my Internet behaviors aside, I wanted to know from our users which browser they preferred to use from their desktops, so I posed this question on our Facebook page:

Which Internet browser do you use most often on your desktop? Here are their answers in chart form: (Total votes: 65)

Stunning, huh? Of all the answers we received, only 4% said they used the Microsoft product, with Google’s Chrome leading the way with 53% of the votes. But since this was Facebook and your answer was directly attributed to your name, I thought that maybe some people may have been dishonest in their use of IE since, well, it’s not the most trendy thing these days. (Security flaws tend to do that.)

Anyway, I reached out to our users on ASICentral.com via an anonymous poll, and what I found out is this: Chrome is still king … but not by as big a margin. And IE’s not the peon we were led to believe on Facebook. Here are the results from our ASICentral.com poll: (Total votes: 389)

  • Internet Explorer: 78 votes (20%)
  • Chrome: 174 votes (45%)
  • Firefox: 94 votes (24%)
  • Safari: 41 votes (10%)
  • Other: 2 votes (1%)
So what do you think of these results? Post a comment now!
–Doogie Browser

Sales Tip of the Week – How To Deal With Objection

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objectionNot sure what to do when you receive objections from your prospects? Advantages magazine shares tips on how to stay positive.

View objections as your prospect simply needing more information to make their decision. Listen well and address each objection specifically, rather than trying to override them. Be unflappable: Always stay positive and show your enthusiasm for what you’re selling.


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