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25 Years and Counting

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BethOn April 3rd, Beth Deitz celebrated 25 years with ASI. We recently sat down with Beth to find out what the years have meant to her and how things have changed. Find out why she compares ASI to her favorite sports team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and how working hard is in her blood.

Q: What is your title and job description?
BD: I am the team leader of materials intake for the ESP Information Team. I’m responsible for processing all the product data that gets into ESP.

Q: What do you like about your position?
BD: It’s nonstop, so I’m always busy. I can never learn enough; to me it’s a never-ending process.

Q: How have things changed over the years?
BD: The change has been unreal. We went from everything being done manually to a totally paperless system. The basics haven’t changed but the format in which we enter and use it is totally different. When I first started 25 years ago I was a classifier, which would be today’s editor for EIT. I was responsible for getting the data into the correct format. Back then there was no ESP, they were just building it at the time, so it was dial-in. I also worked on Infoline, where distributors would call in and ask for the supplier of a product. We then had to go to leaf through our catalogs by hand; everything was manual.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
BD: When I am not working I do volunteer work. I work with military veterans, USO’s, I’m part of an AOH (Ancient Order of Hibernians) where we support the visitation home outside of Trenton (NJ). We take care of older adults who have mental difficulties. It’s so wonderful to work with them. I am also a sports junkie and love Steelers, mostly because of how the family runs them and how there is a level of respect. I also like the Phillies, and enjoy listening to them on the radio.

Q: What is something that people don’t know about you?
BD: I sew, but mostly to fix things. People probably see me walking around with my jacket that has all of these patches on it. I collect patches from everywhere I go, from girl scouts to military patches, and I sew them onto my jacket. It’s like my road map.

Q: What would you be doing if you weren’t working for ASI?
BD: I would be a historian. I’m pretty good at research and finding things, my head is always full of useless information.

Q: What is the strangest promotional product you have seen?
BD: The weirdest product I saw was an imprinted urinal screen.

Q: Do you have any memories you’d like to share from the early days at ASI?
BD: When I first started here, I would go home in tears. I had this assignment to read category definitions and one category was called decalcomania. I would read this definition over and over again but I had no clue what this was and I would get so upset because I couldn’t figure it out. It turns out it was decals and stickers; I was losing my mind over stickers! It’s funny now when I look back on that.

Q: What’s it been like to work here for 25 years?
BD: I like to compare ASI to the Steelers. ASI is so family oriented and they treat us well, so I am grateful to have this job. When I first started here I was thankful to have a job, to just be doing something. Both of my parents worked for Sears, my dad worked there for 28 years and my mom was there for 20 plus years. The mentality of my family was to go to work every day, and pay the bill, that’s the way it was. I take each day as it comes and accept the changes, and the changes are what make it fun.


– Interview by Lauren Medina


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