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Sales Tip of the Week – Create The Perfect Tagline

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Looking for a slogan? Advantages magazine shares a few of their tips on how to create the perfect tagline. What is your favorite tagline? Post here.

A slogan can make or break a promotion. In fact, a really clever slogan can turn a so-so product into a “wow!” Here are some tips for brainstorming the perfect tagline: Use humor, where appropriate. Use literary devices, such as rhyming and alliteration. Consider using a play on words. Make it short and sweet.


  1. Jon Williams Says:

    We Hand out Lip Balm and golf balls both with our Logo on them. On our lip balm he have printed ” We are more then just lip service”
    So I hand a lip balm and ball to a customer and tell hem. “We are more then just lip service one might say we are on the ball”

    Thursday March 27, 2014
  2. Vincent Says:

    Jon, that is a great! Perfect example of a slogan that works.

    Thursday March 27, 2014

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