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Sales Tip of the Week – Fix A Screwed-Up Order

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Wrong OrderFor whatever the reason, orders get screwed up. It’s an inevitable fact of doing business in any product-based industry like ours. But just because you err doesn’t mean you can’t fix the situation, or even improve your image in the long run. This week’s sales tip, provided by Advantages magazine, gives some sound advice on how to fix a sticky situation.

Is the order screwed up? Don’t despair. There are steps you can take to save face with your clients, and maybe even become their hero. Why not try the following? If you know a product the client requests is of poor quality, try to point them to something that’s, perhaps more expensive, but a better choice in the end. The cheap product will likely leave them disappointed. Turn it around quickly. Don’t play the blame game, just fix it. Deliver the new items in person. Let them keep the botched order if they want. Call your suppliers. They want to help you out of a jam.


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