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Sales Tip of the Week – Succeed With Cold Calling

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Cold Calling TipsIn a weekly blog post, we’ll be featuring some valuable tips from Advantages magazine on how to improve your selling. This week’s tip: Succeed with cold calling:

If you want people to take your call, first get the 4-1-1. “We want to be relevant and focused on something that’s going on in this prospect’s world that is important to them right at that very moment so we can generate some interest and set ourselves apart from every other cold caller or salesperson,” says Art Sobczak, author of Smart Calling: Eliminate the Fear, Failure, and Rejection from Cold Calling. “People buy from people even though you might be selling business to business.” He looks not only for professional but personal information as well. He searches on LinkedIn and Google. He also checks to see if they have a personal Facebook page, a blog or a Twitter account.

For more great content, go to www.advantagesmag.com.

Poll Results: Social Media Is What?

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Since part of my job requirement is to maintain ASI’s social media, it’s no surprise then how I feel about the Facebooks and Twitters of the virtual world we live in. If you have a business you simply must must have a social media presence, period. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

But my perspective is different than a lot of folks in this industry, so we ran a poll question late last year about what our users thought social media was.

The question: Social media is a … (139 total votes)

With three answer options:

  • Great marketing tool (80 votes, 58%)
  • Necessary evil (34 votes, 24%)
  • Waste of time (25 votes, 18%)

Fortunately, nearly 60% of our users voted that social media is a great marketing tool, which makes me feel a whole lot better about what I do! Here’s the visual pie-chart breakdown.


Social Media Poll Results

Get to Know Jeanmarie Yososoegito – 20 Years at ASI

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Jeanmarie YososoegitoToday marks a milestone for one of our ASI employees. Jeanmarie Yososoegito, the senior member support specialist, has been working at ASI for 20 years! We sat down recently with Jeanmarie to get an inside look at her journey. Find out why she calls herself the “GPS of ASI” and what she has to say about hitting the 20-year mark.

Q: What is your title and job description?
JY: Senior member support specialist. Right now I am currently the receptionist which means I do a little bit of everything. I answer the calls that come in, redirect people that are lost, take the deliveries, direct candidates and visitors. Plus, internally I have employees that need to know where payroll is, human resources, so I’m the “GPS of ASI.”

Q: What was your position when you first started?
JY: I was hired for Central Files. We had a room where every member had their own file and everything was hand-filed. It was an extension of the mail room, so I used to open up the mail as well.

Q: What do you like about your position?
JY: Meeting and greeting people. I always gravitated toward helping individuals. When I left Central Files I went to process the distributor membership applications. I was able to instruct and educate our members on how to get their ASI number and get involved in the industry. I’ve always liked sharing the knowledge and pointing individuals in the right direction.

Q: What don’t you like about your position?
JY: I guess the one drawback is the freedom of movement. We really can’t leave that desk unattended. We have to rely on someone to be there for us to leave at the end of the day.

Q: How has ASI changed over the years?
JY: ASI is such a fabulous company to work for. I choose to work here because it’s family-oriented. I like that. I remember when we were a small company. We used to be at a different location and we had about 100 people. Back then we were under four different locations. In 2001 we moved here all under one roof.

Just to let you know how family-oriented ASI is, I actually started in the beginning of January, January 2nd. I didn’t have coverage for my kids, so ASI gave me the two-week leeway of getting coverage for my kids before I started full-time. And that’s why January 17th is considered my anniversary, because of the flexibility they gave me for getting coverage for my kids.

Q: What is your best memory?
JY: One of my best memories is when I was working at Central Files with Mike and Jeanette. Mike was planning on getting married and I thought he and Jeannette already were because the two of them just spoke like a married couple, bickering back and forth. I guess when I realized they weren’t a couple, WOW!

This comes full circle because I remember when Mike was celebrating a milestone there was always a fabulous gift of acknowledgment, and it was back then that I said, ‘I’m going to be one of those people.’ I was really proud when I hit the 15-year mark and now I’m even prouder that I’m hitting the 20-year mark. It’s been fabulous. I enjoy coming to work every day and I enjoy helping people, and I would say ‘thank you’ to ASI for giving me the opportunity.

Q: What are a few perks of working at ASI:
JY: There is so much! I love the blood drives and I participate in them faithfully. Our health care, the fitness program. I would put them pretty high on the list. A lot of times when I tell people we have a fitness coach that comes once a week they just look at me in disbelief.

Q: What are your favorite activities outside of work?
JY: Now that I am a grandmother of two, a lot of my spare time is with my grandchildren. That’s one of the reasons I like the fitness program, because when I’m running after the six- and two-year-old you have to be quick!

Q: If your story here were to be made into a movie, who would you want to play you?
JY: Sandra Bullock. I’ve liked her from when she played Annie in Speed. In fact it’s still my favorite movie. I like how she was thrown into a situation and it didn’t matter how much she had to sweat, she persevered and trumped through it. I would want someone to say that we can throw anything at Jeanmarie and she would be able to take it and run with it.

— Interview by Lauren Medina

Enjoy a few more images of Jeanmarie!

Jeanmarie Yososoegito

Jeanmarie Yososoegito

How’d They Do That? The Making Of Digitized Emblems

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Buffalo Bisons Emblem

Ever wonder how emblem artwork is digitized for use on promotional apparel? Well wonder no more!

This month’s Advantages magazine strategy feature “How’d They Do That?” takes a visual look at how one supplier — Penn Emblem (asi/77120) — creates digitized emblems right from an artist’s original work. Check out the step-by-step feature, and in the meantime here’s a look at the finished emblem.

15 Tips to Increase Sales in 2014

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Sales Tips for 2014If increasing sales is on your New Year’s resolution list, what have you done differently so far in 2014? Anything?

If the answer is ‘no’ then perhaps we can help. The January edition of Advantages magazine just happens to be the Best Reps Issue, which means it’s loaded with tons of great sales information, including tips and advice from 20 of your peers who, collectively, are responsible for about $157 million! Check out this issue now … and in the meantime, here are 15 quick tips on how you can increase your sales in 2104.


For the complete list, with explanations for each tip, click on the story “15 Tips to Increase Your Sales in 2014“.

Top 20 Sales Reps In The Promotional Products Industry

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For as long as I can remember, Advantages magazine always used its first magazine of the year to celebrate the best sales reps in the industry. This time around, they did it a little differently. From Advantages:

We asked top distributor and supplier companies to nominate their top-selling reps and have ranked them by sales volume.  While their individual numbers are confidential, combined, these 20 go-getters are responsible for about $157 million in sales.

That’s a lot of dough! Read all about it — including best sales rep traits — in this month’s issue of Advantages magazine. And in the meantime, here is the list of the 20 reps, as well as their member type, company and ASI number. Enjoy!

1. Ken Wittenberg, Summit Group (asi/339116)
2. Debby Stillabower, American Solutions for Business (asi/120075)
3. Ian McLearon, Brand Alliance (asi/145177)
4. Christopher, Kuranz CSE (asi/155807)
5. Doug Stotts, HALO Branded Solutions (asi/356000)
6. Lisa Pine, Axis Promotions (asi/128263)
7. Neal Skuro, Boundless Network (asi/143717)
8. Phil Duym, Promo Shop (asi/300446)
9. Dick Huffman, Touchstone (asi/345631)
10. Darren Golden, Proforma (asi/300094)

1. Michael Leone, Hit Promotional Products (asi/61125)
2. Meghan Madl, Norwood & Bic Graphic NA (asi/40480)
3. Anna Firicano, Polyconcept NA
4. Ben Black, Prime Line (asi/79530)
5. Stephanie Sanchez, Staton Corporate & Casual (asi/89380)
6. Shari Garvalia, 3M Promotional Markets (asi/91240)
7. Linda Misirowski, Sweda Co. LLC (asi/90305)
8. Shirley Bennett, Vantage Apparel (asi/93390)
9. Steve Cochran, River’s End Trading Company (asi/82588)
10. Mozelle Brick, Logomark (asi/67866)


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