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How A T-Shirt May Save A Life – The Story of Haley Bellows

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Haley BellowsDuring last week’s college and professional football games I couldn’t help but notice the presence of the color pink. It seemed to be everywhere – on uniforms, penalty flags and even on the logos of some of the teams. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I knew what it all stood for, and I began to count my blessings. As a man in my forties, I have every reason to be thankful that this terrible disease known as cancer has had little effect on my friends and family throughout the years. At least, so far.

Then I read the October cover story of Wearables magazine, and I nearly lost it.

About a young college woman named Haley Bellows who, with the help of her friends and a tight-knit campus community, has taken cancer head-on, this is the kind of story that puts everything into perspective. Having a bad day because you forgot your umbrella and your hair got wet? Read about a normal day in Haley’s life and I guarantee your damp locks won’t seem that bad. The story describes in detail what Bellows went through upon being diagnosed, the joy of going into remission only to be squashed by a relapse, and how one T-shirt with the slogan “Eff Cancer” just might save her life.

This is a great read by C.J. Mittica and I recommend it highly. Kudos to Haley … keep fighting, girl! And Eff Cancer!

See a video of Haley shaving her head as a reminder of how awful cancer is. And here are a few images of Haley and her friends.


  1. Danny Rosin Says:

    We need to feature more inspiring stories like this. How doing good collides with promotional products. Make philanthropy become the future of marketing. Use your marketing budget for something good and you will end up with something more.

    Monday October 14, 2013
  2. Vinnie Says:

    I totally agree Danny. This is a great story that exemplifies the power of promo products. This t-shirt could literally help save this woman’s life. Kudos to Wearables magazine for this story.

    Tuesday October 15, 2013
  3. How A T-Shirt May Save A Life – The Story of Haley Bellows – Octagon Merchandise Blog | Octagon Merchandise Blog Says:

    […] the original: How A T-Shirt May Save A Life – The Story of Haley Bellows […]

    Friday October 18, 2013

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