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Poll Results: Facebook Rules the Ad Specialty Business World

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When I posted the June poll “Which Social Network Do You Use Most For Business?” I figured most of our ad specialty friends would vote for Facebook, and they did. Over 50% of the total votes went to the social network that now boasts over 1.1 billion users and growing. This definitely did not shock me …

However, what did shock me was that Pinterest, the social network that really lends itself to imagery, received just one measly vote! Given that this is an industry rife with new and interesting products, I personally believe that companies should be looking a little more closely at Pinterest as a platform to promote their products. But I digress …

The following is the breakdown of votes for the question: “Which Social Network Do You Use Most For Business?” (191 total votes)

  • Facebook, 103 votes (54%)
  • Twitter, 13 votes (7%)
  • YouTube,  7 votes (4%)
  • LinkedIn, 67 votes (35%)
  • Pinterest, 1 vote (0.5%)

Social Media Use In Promo Products Industry


  1. Shoplet Promos Says:

    This isn’t really surprising considering Facebook is the most versatile and most popular of those social sites. Facebook allows you to do so much, there’s no reason for a business NOT to use it more than the rest.

    Wednesday July 10, 2013
  2. NK Promotions Says:

    Given only an infinite amount of time in the day I have to go where I know I am generating interest and income. We get at least 10 inquiries a week from our FB posts, less than 1 from Pinterest.

    Thursday July 11, 2013
  3. Poll Results: Social Network Use – Octagon Merchandise Blog | Octagon Merchandise Blog Says:

    […] the original post: Poll Results: Social Network Use […]

    Tuesday July 16, 2013

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