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ASI Radio’s 5th Anniversary Show!

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ASI Radio 5th Anniversary ShowIt seems like only yesterday when the maiden voyage of ASI Radio hit the Internet airwaves back in July 2008. For that show, the five hosts discussed the newly announced pharmaceutical regulations and the hotly contested Barack Obama vs. John McCain race for the White House. (It’s a great little trip down memory lane, complete with a rant or two from Joe  … listen to the archive here.)

Fast-forward to July 2013 and ASI Radio is on the precipice of its 5th anniversary show! To celebrate this milestone, we will have cake and champagne in the studio on July 2, along with some special guests! And for our dedicated and devoted listeners, we will have ASI Radio Trivia! All our users have to do is be prepared to answer the following five questions live on air tomorrow at 10:30 EST:

  • How many ASI radio shows have we done as of this Tuesday’s installment?
  • Name three celebrities who have been guests on the show.
  • Which sardonic host has earned the nickname “Captain Killjoy”?
  • Which industry pro does the weekly “Product Safety Minute” segment?
  • Name three cities, other than our home-base of Trevose, PA, where we’ve broadcast the radio show from live?

To participate, simply call 215-953-4979 during the Tuesday, July 2, 2013 show at 10:30 EST and you could be put through live to answer one of these questions. If you get a question right you can win some great prizes!

Good luck, and keep on listenin’!

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