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5 Types of Bling for Promo Products

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BlingEver since hip-hop culture ushered in the term “bling-bling” back in the mid-90’s, it has been used so much to describe flashy or elaborate jewelry and accessories that it’s now permanently part of the mass culture. Heck, even my grandmother used the word once when she saw a shirt my five-year-old daughter was wearing that had sparkles on it. “She’s got some bling on today.” (Really, gram?)

So pervasive has “bling” become that it’s also firmly part of the promotional products industry, often accentuating logos and adding a little zest to the finished product. This month’s Advantages magazine “Advantages University” feature focuses exclusively on bling and how it’s used in this biz. Click here for the 4-1-1 on bling, and in the meantime here’s 5 types of bling used in the industry:

  1. Rhinestones are cut glass resembling the appearance of a diamond. They give off a reflective sparkle.
  2. Sequins are small round discs of metal or plastic that are slightly cupped, catching light for a glittering effect.
  3. Spangles are flat, shiny discs of plastic or metal that glisten with light and movement.
  4. Rhinestuds are octagon-shaped metal pieces that produce the shimmer and shine of rhinestones but at a lower price point.
  5. Nail heads are rounded, flat metal pieces that resemble the top of an actual nail.


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