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5 Signs You Should Drop A Customer

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5 Signs You Should Drop A CustomerLet’s face it folks, as much as we want to believe the old adage “The customer’s always right,” we know darn well that isn’t true. So how do you effectively deal with repeat-problem customers? It’s not always easy, but this month’s “Solve Customer Conundrums” feature in Stitches magazine helps to steer you in the right direction.

Tired of clients always trying to get the lowest prices? Then this article is for you! And in the meantime here are 5 signs you need to cut the cord with your customer:

  1. Constantly beats you up on price.
  2. Neglects bills.
  3. Consistently requires too much time.
  4. Complains about each order despite your efforts to cooperate.
  5. Everyday emergencies.

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