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Poll Results – Who Will Win Super Bowl?

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Super Bowl XLVIII, like the rest of the country, seemed to be on the San Fran/Colin Kaepernick bandwagon, predicting the 49ers and their young, upstart QB would win Super Bowl XLVII over the Baltimore Ravens. Las Vegas had the odds leaning toward San Fran (-3.5 points), and every poll result I read was overwhelmingly in favor of the NFC champs. The underdog Ravens — who improbably knocked off not only Peyton and Denver, but Tom and the mighty Patriots in the playoffs — had to be out of steam by now, right?


Baltimore and MVP Joe Flacco came out of the gate quickly and never looked back — despite a head-scratching power outage — defeating San Fran 34-31 and in the process left me eating crow. But thankfully I have a lot of company to help consume it.

On Monday, January 28, I posted our Super Bowl poll asking who would win. Of the 232 total votes we received, 126 (54%) voted in favor of San Fran, with the remaining 106 (46%) going for Baltimore. Not a landslide, but definitely on par with the rest of the popular concensus.

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart, to this poll: (TOTAL VOTES: 232)

Ravens-49ers Poll Results

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