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4 Tips On Improving Facebook Engagement

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Facebook Engagement TipsLooking to tune up your online efforts in 2013? Then look no further than Stitches magazine’s “Online Success Guide“!

In this tasty tutorial you’ll find tons of tips on everything from SEO and gaming to insider tools on the big three networking sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

So what are you waiting for? Ramp up your online success knowledge now, and in the meantime here are 4 tips on how to improve Facebook engagement.

  1. Always post photos. Brian Carter, a brand advocate for PageLever, reports that Facebook pages generate more engagement from photos than videos, status updates or links. “In fact, photos get as much as twenty times more engagement,” he wrote recently on Mashable.com.  
  2. Create questions, contests and calls to action. Want people to comment on your posts? Ask them for their thoughts. Questions invite dialog, and are perhaps the easiest way to get responses. Similarly, posts with a specific call to action tend to ramp up engagement. This could be as simple as posting a humorous photo of a stereotypically exhausted office worker in a cubicle, with the caption, “Like and Share if you’re ready for the weekend.” 
  3. It’s about quality, not quantity. Research from Buddy Media, a social enterprise software solutions company, indicates that pages that are updated one or two times per day receive 40% higher user engagement than pages that post three or more times per day. Think of it this way: Over-posting is the equivalent of an annoying talk-a-holic who keeps jabbering at you; sooner than later, you tune out and ultimately ignore them altogether. 
  4. Get your timing right. Dan Zarrella, an award-winning social media scientist at HubSpot and author of three books, reports that the best times to post on Facebook are noon and a little after 7 p.m.; post shares spike at those hours. The best day to share on Facebook? Saturday. (Check out Zarrella’s webinar on the topic here: www.hubspot.com/the-science-of-timing.) In fact, the American Apparel post about the Halloween Costume Contest covered earlier was posted on a Saturday.

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