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6 Traits of Comfortable Customers

Filed under: Tip of the Day

Comfortable CustomersThink about how you feel when you’re ready to pull the trigger on a big purchase. Do you tend to feel uneasy or hesitant, or are you confident and cool as a cucumber? Chances are you won’t go through with the transaction if you’re unsure, and if there’s a salesperson involved then it’s a direct reflection on them and their ability to sell.

This month’s “Strategy” column in Advantages magazine by Troy Harrison provides great insight and tips on how customers must feel before they buy from you. If they’re not comfortable, you’re not closing … got it?

If you’ve got 10 minutes, this article is definitely worth the read. And in the meantime, here are the six characteristics of a comfortable customer.

  • They trust you
  • They believe that you have their best interests at heart
  • They like you
  • They respect you
  • Your stuff fits their needs
  • You present good value


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