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Poll Results: iPhone or Droid?

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For the past year or so, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android have been trading the market-share lead for smartphones, with Blackberry (queue “Taps”) continuing to fade faster than my fantasy football team. Since this is the mobile age and everyone seems to use their phones to do everything, I was curious as to what mobile device our users preferred, so I posted this fairly obvious question on ASI Central in late October:

Droid or iPhone? (Answer options: iPhone, Droid, Other)

In just over a month, we received over 600 votes with the strong majority (57%, 373 votes) going with the iPhone. Considering Droid’s strong late-summer surge, I was a bit surprised with their results (36%, 236 votes). The “Other” option — presumably my colleague Michele Bell and other Blackberry users — accounted for just 7% of the results, or 43 total votes.

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart, to that question: (TOTAL VOTES: 652)

  • iPhone (373 votes, 57%)
  • Droid (236 votes, 36%)
  • Other (43 votes, 7%)


  1. Seth Says:

    the 43 votes for “other” was Michele Bell — she’s clinging on to her Blackberry…

    Wednesday December 5, 2012
  2. Michele Bell Says:

    LONG LIVE RIM!!!! I just got a new one, and love, love, love it. Give me BlackBerry or Give me Death! (Let me end the suspense for everyone: It’s the KEYBOARD, people. Nobody’s keyboard/e-mail rocks like BlackBerry’s.) — M

    Wednesday December 5, 2012

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