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Top 12 Apparel Trends for 2013

Filed under: Wearables

Retro ShadesIn this month’s Wearables’ magazine feature story titled “Top Trends for 2013“, there’s a neat little lead-in that goes something like this: “When the future’s coolest trends echo styles of the past, it means there’s no time like the present to sell them.”

Being a lover of old-fashion style and all things retro — I’m currently trying to bring back love for the ‘stache by growing one — I enjoyed reading this article and learning about how what’s old is new again. Want to know what wearables are going to be hot in ’13? Check out this article now!

And in the meantime, here’s a list of the top 12, including the year they were first popular:

  • Peter Pan Collars (first popular: 1905)
  • Retro Colored Frames (first popular: 1950s)
  • Puff Sleeves (first popular: 1980s)
  • Grunge (first popular: 1991)
  • Double Breasted (first popular: 1860s)
  • Statement Hats (first popular: Newsboy, late 19th C; Mesh, 1960s)
  • Long Coats (first popular: 18th C)
  • Portfolios (first popular: The Renaissance)
  • Turtle-Necks (first popular: 15th C)
  • Crew-Neck Sweaters (first popular: 17th C)
  • Oversize Tops (first popular: 1970s)
  • Brown-Strap Watches (first popular: WWI)


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