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Top 12 Apparel Trends for 2013

Filed under: Wearables

Retro ShadesIn this month’s Wearables’ magazine feature story titled “Top Trends for 2013“, there’s a neat little lead-in that goes something like this: “When the future’s coolest trends echo styles of the past, it means there’s no time like the present to sell them.”

Being a lover of old-fashion style and all things retro — I’m currently trying to bring back love for the ’stache by growing one — I enjoyed reading this article and learning about how what’s old is new again. Want to know what wearables are going to be hot in ‘13? Check out¬†this article¬†now!

And in the meantime, here’s a list of the top 12, including the year they were first popular:

  • Peter Pan Collars (first popular: 1905)
  • Retro Colored Frames (first popular: 1950s)
  • Puff Sleeves (first popular: 1980s)
  • Grunge (first popular: 1991)
  • Double Breasted (first popular: 1860s)
  • Statement Hats (first popular: Newsboy, late 19th C; Mesh, 1960s)
  • Long Coats (first popular: 18th C)
  • Portfolios (first popular: The Renaissance)
  • Turtle-Necks (first popular: 15th C)
  • Crew-Neck Sweaters (first popular: 17th C)
  • Oversize Tops (first popular: 1970s)
  • Brown-Strap Watches (first popular: WWI)


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