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Poll Results: What’s Your Outlook for Children’s Products?

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With heightened legal and regulatory awareness from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), there is obviously an intense focus on children’s products. In fact, Counselor magazine’s November 2012 cover story “Suitable for Children?” investigates this industry category that’s at a critical juncture.

On September 6, we posted a poll question regarding this topic on ASI: Considering the increase of recalls and scrutiny, what’s your outlook on promos for children?

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart, to that question: (TOTAL VOTES: 121)

  • Very positive (20 votes, 16%)
  • Positive (27 votes, 22%)
  • No change (42 votes, 35%)
  • Negative (24 votes, 20%)
  • Very negative (8 votes, 7%)

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