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5 Ways Your Clients Might Use Pinterest

Filed under: Tip of the Day

PinterestIn a recent feature, Advantages magazine went in search of all the dirt and details about the hottest new social medial tool Pinterest. From terms to know to hot market ideas, don’t miss this overview on Pinterest and how it can power up your promotional sales.

In the meantime, here are 5 ways your clients might use Pinterest:

  1. Convey a corporate culture. Human Resources can use Pinterest to showcase camaraderie, productivity, positive customer interactions or teamwork. Images to motivate safety, wellness or a positive work ethic will enhance employee outreach or recruitment efforts. The reward of a fun imprinted product can encourage employees to take photos of colleagues doing good work.
  2. Develop a lifestyle association for a brand. Check out the pinboard of health-food grocer Whole Foods (pinterest.com/wholefoods/). Rather than simply pinning images of its products, this marketer has smartly created a series of visual topics that speak to a healthy lifestyle such as images of gardening, recycling, vegetable recipes and entertaining. A lifestyle-inspired pinboard is a way to generate a brand  following without seeming too self-promotional.
  3. Support an incentive program. If, for example, a company has a sales incentive plan that culminates in a travel reward, post images of the destination on a pinboard to keep participants motivated. The themed board can showcase the culture, historic sites, beautiful landscapes or cuisines of the region. Consider launching the incentive plan and its pinboard by handing out a promotional gift with a QR code linking to the program’s Pinterest page.
  4. Encourage “crowdsourcing.” Brands can ask fans and followers (customers or prospects) to post images of how they use the product on their own social media pages. When the brand is tagged in the post, it can be re-pinned on a company’s pinboard. This becomes a great form of testimonial and useful way to learn how customers are using a product.
  5. Create a contest. Digital marketing agency Prime Visibility (http://insights.primevisibility.com/2012/04/pinspiring-ideas-for-pinterest-contests/) recommends Pinterest-based contests to engage users or to generate important customer feedback. A popular form is a “Pin It to Win It” event, where prizes are awarded for the most creative pinboards related to a company’s brand. Or, followers are asked to comment on a pinned image (write a caption or tagline), and the best comments are voted on to determine a winner. Imprinted gifts that tie into the contest theme can be given to winners.


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