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3 Ways Promotional Products Promote Awareness

Filed under: Tip of the Day

Breast Cancer AwarenessThis month’s Advantages University feature in Advantages magazine focuses on Cause Marketing, which is loosely defined as: Initiatives that educate the public and generate support for a good cause. Perfect, since this month just happens to host one of the largest issue-related campaigns: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Want great tips and advice on cause marketing? Get yourself involved in this issue. And in the meantime, here are 3 great ways promo products promote awareness:

  1. They create memorable and valuable exposure. For example, people wearing T-shirts with a cause-related logo are seen on a nationally televised broadcast. Think about the outdoor audience members at The Today Show. How much is a paid commercial spot on the same broadcast worth? Even the amount of exposure generated by a person walking down a street has value. Talk with nonprofits about cost per impression.
  2. They develop a list of donors. A small awareness-based incentive (such as a cause-based bookmark or bumper sticker) is a good way to encourage a small donation while increasing knowledge about a cause.
  3. They can teach (and change) behavior. For example, promotional slide guides provide useful information important to a cause, e.g. how to do a self-breast exam or fire safety tips. Any product imprinted with a QR code can take a recipient to an educational website.


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