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3 Pen Trends Past Their Prime

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Pen TrendsThe power of the pen is arguably the most potent in this industry, where its popularity is unquestionable (46% of all consumers in the U.S. own a promotional pen). So mighty is this ad specialty that Counselor magazine devotes an entire issue each year to it.

In this year’s annual issue, Betsy Cummings goes in search of five trends impacting the writing instrument market right now. Find out what she discovered in this month’s cover story “Writing on the Wall“.

And in the meantime, here are three pen trends past their prime:

  • Green is Gone: Well, not really, but all of the hype surrounding eco-friendly inks and parts isn’t being reflected in the volume of orders some suppliers are seeing, says Jay Soltan, director of sales for Lakewood, NJ-based GMG Pen (asi/55583). 
  • The Middle is Losing Ground: Given the mood of the economy in recent years, it’s not surprising that companies are opting for less costly pens. But, surprisingly, they’re still also purchasing Montblancs and other high-end writing instruments as incentives, suppliers say. What they’re avoiding, at least for the moment, are the mid-range writing instruments – those whose features can be “close enough” in lower-priced comparable items.
  • Educators Don’t See Red: At least not in Laura High’s world. The senior trade marketing manager for Norwood & BIC Graphic North America (asi/40480), based in Clearwater, FL, says she’s getting plenty of reports from distributors and their clients that teachers and schools are stepping away from their infamous red pens and pencils used for grading and opting for other colors that don’t strike fear in the hearts of students.

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