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Counselor 2012 Hot List

Filed under: Awards

2012 Hot ListJust a few short weeks ago, Counselor magazine released its sizzlin’ annual Hot List of the 38 people who are shaking up the market with new and innovative approaches. But instead of releasing just one, long list, Counselor broke the list into 5 categories.

Get the complete list of all 38 Hot List’ers here. And for separate category lists — including newly released, expanded writeups — click below:

  • The Head Honchos (Fun Fact: Lion Circle’s Rich Carollo’s fave TV show is Arrested Development)
  • The Right Clickers (Fun Fact: Green Banana Promotions’ Charity Gibson has “a thing for hot, fast cars”)
  • The Sales Superstars (Fun Fact: WorkFlowOne’s Roger Burnett thinks Robert Downey Jr. would play him in a movie)
  • The Marketing Mavericks (Fun Fact: The favorite thing about the industry for Hit Promotional Products’ Jennifer Grigorian? The people)
  • The Next Wave (Fun Fact: Bruce Springsteen’s Hungry Heart best describes Jeff Hinds of Rainkist)


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