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Poll Results – How do you feel about the U.S. Olympic team uniforms being made in China?

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When news first broke that U.S. athletes would be wearing uniforms at the 2012 Olympic Games in London that were made in China, there was a storm of political backlash. How could the American unis be made anywhere else but the U.S.? In response, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as well as Ralph Lauren — the company that outsourced production to China — promised Made-In-USA unis for the 2012 Winter Games.

Since promotional apparel is a big part of this industry, I thought this would make a great poll question. On July 12, we posted this question on ASI Central as well as the social networks, with the following results: Of the 395 total votes, and overwhelming amount of users (262, 66%) were “outraged“, with the remaining votes split between “neither here nor there” and “not concerned at all“.

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart, to the question How do you feel about the U.S. Olympic team uniforms being made in China?: (TOTAL VOTES: 395)

  • Outraged – (262 votes, 66%)
  • Neither Here Nor There – (69 votes, 18%)
  • Not Concerned At All – (64 votes, 16%)


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    Tuesday August 7, 2012
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