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Tip of the Day – Recruit Quality Interns

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InternsIt should come as no surprise the value interns can bring to a company. Not only can they be a cheap and valuable resource, but they can also serve as key connections to new clients. This month’s “Business Toolkit” in Wearables magazine delves a little deeper into the employee-intern relationship and how distributors can really benefit from the right person. Check out the article now, and in the meantime here are 3 tips on how to find quality interns:

  1. Connect With Colleges: Talk to career services personnel at colleges about possibilities you have for students to intern. Participate in career fairs at local colleges and universities where you can talk to students directly about opportunities.
  2. Network Internally: Ask employees if they know about students looking for an internship. You can also inquire with people you know through your community and social connections.
  3. Online Postings: Post internship opportunities to online job/internship sites that universities often host specifically for their students. You could also consider posting on a service like www.internships.com, which connects employers, educators and students.


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