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Tip of the Day – Build Buzz for Your Business

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Build BuzzAre your clients talking about your business? That’s the question Advantages magazine went in search of answers to in the August article “What’s the Buzz?”

According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, the driving forces of purchase decision are — you guessed it — word of mouth … to the tune of 54%. Read this article now for expert tips on how to build more buzz for your company. And in the meantime, here are 5 simple tips to get started:

  1. Participate in Discussion Lists: Marketing and publishing consultant Shel Horowitz creates a buzz by networking online. “When I do work for someone on these lists and get back an enthusiastic and delighted e-mail, I ask my happy client if he or she would share it with the list and if I can post it on my website and use it in my publicity. This eventually channels a virtual avalanche of word-of-mouth business,” he says.
  2. Network with Key Influencers: Richie Burke launched GoGeddit.com, a tool to help small businesses grow through deals, video marketing and more. When he started his company with a very limited marketing budget, he had to get creative with word-of-mouth marketing. “Getting key influencers on our side has helped us spread the word in a fun and engaging way for GoGeddit.com,” he says. He sends out translucent promo sunglasses to key influencers in the community who have helped him out or who he admires. “They usually expose us to their large followings for doing so. Whenever someone with a big personal following posts about us, it drives subscribers, credibility and more sales,” he says.
  3. Use Incentives for Referred Traffic: Clayton Keirns, a marketing consultant, believes that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most overlooked tools used to grow a business. “When people are offered an incentive or bonus to send a referral or talk about your business, they are 10 times more likely to refer you than if you just mention it in passing,” he says. If your business isn’t allowed to give cash rewards, give them a coupon or some sort of bonus/gift that they would enjoy and work toward getting. It could be movie tickets, a free pizza coupon or whatever else would appeal to your customers.
  4. Do Something Worth Buzzing About: Don’t just launch a new website and expect people to talk about your business. You have to do something beyond the expected to be worthy of word-of-mouth marketing. Whitney Keyes, professor of strategic marketing communications at Seattle University, recommends getting involved. “It doesn’t have to be a major publicity stunt or a costly ad campaign. Sometimes going back to the basics is enough to earn word-of-mouth marketing,” she says.
  5. Promote Others: After you’ve asked your clients for a recommendation or testimonial, write one for them. “Make it clear you care about their success. Ask them how you can help them. Show others that you don’t just talk about yourself, and they will start to return the favor,” says Michelle Gower of Gower Power Consulting, LLC.

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