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Tony Robbins: “You’re Not Big Boned, You’re Freaking Fat”

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Backstage before beginning to talk to a packed ballroom in Chicago, Tony Robbins is warming up – very actively. He’s jumping on a trampoline. Smacking his own chest. Punching the air as if it was his mortal enemy. The warm-up routine gets him excited to finally jump on the stage and clap along with the audience to The Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.” And, when he starts talking to his energized audience, his message is abundantly clear: Buck up and face the truth. 

“Good leaders see things as they are, but not worse than they are,” he said. “Too many people make things worse than they are and make up euphemisms for their situations. You’re not big boned, you’re freaking fat. Face the truth like it really is.”

Robbins implored his audience to be honest about their own business – and to capitalize on the current economy. That’s right, he painted the picture of a struggling economy and then congratulated the audience for operating within that economy today. “This economy right now is winter. It’s snowy and windy and you don’t know from day to day whether you’ll be able to get where you need to go,” Robbins said. “Personally, I love winter for business. It wipes out the crap, and gets rid of all the nonprofessionals. This is when you can steal market share and capitalize on the problems of others.”

But to do that, Robbins said, you need to see things a little better than they are – and clearly evaluate the situation around you. To Robbins, success at this point is all based on a strong mentality. This, he says, is what you have to tell yourself: “Winter is MY season. I was made for this time. This is where I come out stronger than ever.”

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