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Top Smartphone Apps For Sales Pros

Filed under: Tip of the Day

Sales AppsDid you know … smartphone owners have an average of 41 apps on their devices? (Me? Well, it’s about double that, but I digress …)

For salespeople, it’s important to include those apps that will make you more effective. This month’s Advantages magazine takes a look at several must-have apps distributor salespeople should install today. The following are five of them:

  • Dropbox
  • LinkedIn
  • Yelp
  • Scanner Pro
  • Snap Camera

For an explanation of the apps and the rest of the list, be sure to check out the article “Install Today: Ultimate Apps For Sales Pros” now!


  1. Silvina Says:

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  2. David Winegar Says:

    Although this is an interesting list of tools, nothing here will actually help you to sell anything. We released last fall an app that will coach you to sell better through profiling yourself and your customers. It focuses on the main issue that all the latest research into selling shows, namely that it is about building a better relationship with the customer. If you want to really sell more, use an app that will help you to do that…plus these tools. Our app is available in iTunes Adaptive Sales Coach – by the way, we have a sophisticated reminder system, plus Dropbox integration, address mapping and one touch calling, emailing and background research of individuals and companies. http://adaptivesalescoach.com

    Friday February 15, 2013

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