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Tip of the Day – Get Started With Online Video

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YouTubeLooking to get started with online video? This month’s Counselor feature on company operations, titled “Tech Tune-Up,” not only contains great advice on how to make your company more efficient with technology, but a great sidebar on how to get started with online video. Check this article out by clicking here, and in the meantime here’s the sidebar:

Not sure how to get started with online video? Michael Miller, author of YouTube for Business, says business owners should have three pieces of equipment before creating an online video:

  1. A high-definition camcorder – available from Sony for $600. Yes, a Flip camera or other handheld can be used, but for sustainable use of video on your website, an investment here is worth it.
  2. An external microphone – available from Sony for $50-$100.
  3. A supplemental lighting kit – available from Sunpak or Smith Victor for $100-$200.

In terms of content, Miller says there are three types of videos that get watched by casual Internet users. “It can be something purely entertaining; it can be something that is informative, like if you’ve got the latest industry news; or it can be educational, like if you’re showing customers about new products,” he says. “These videos really do get watched.”

Miller recommends placing any online video on YouTube. “YouTube makes it very easy,” he says. “You can upload it in mpeg or Windows Media format. If you have a high-definition camera, you can do it in a 720p resolution.”

To place a video on YouTube:

  • Mouse over to the Upload button at the top right corner of www.youtube.com, and click Upload Video File.
  • Enter information about the video, including the title, a brief description and tag words that will allow YouTube users to find the video by typing in keywords.
  • Only stipulation: Videos must be one gigabyte or less.

“You can host videos on your own server and write in the HTML, but you might not have the bandwidth to handle the traffic,” Miller says. “You can have YouTube host the video that’s on your own website. YouTube supplies you with a little snippet of HTML code so you can embed it into your website. The video will look like it’s on your Web page, but it isn’t. The bandwidth isn’t coming to your site; it’s going to YouTube. So, you aren’t going to be overloaded.”

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