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Tip of the Day – 7 Ways to be Indispensable

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7 Ways to be IndispensableWhen it comes to work, everyone likes to think they’re indispensable, but are you really? (Things that make you go hmmmmm ….)

This month’s Advantages magazine went in search of ways industry distributors can really set themselves apart from the competition and ensure their clients won’t be looking anywhere else. In the article titled “7 ways to be Indispensable,” Advantages lays down some important strategies for sales reps to follow. Want to keep your clients around a long time? Then follow these 7 strategies:

  1. Give Them a New Idea
  2. Share Interests
  3. Be a Friend
  4. Dig Deeper
  5. Offer Additional Services
  6. Offer Industry Insight
  7. Be There in a Pinch

For the complete breakdown of all 7 strategies, click here.

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  1. Andres Says:

    Hi I was concerned with ptnoisg these vids on my business page because the name of businesses are displayed and clients might call the business direct. Is there any guarantee that this will not happen? Are the suppliers of ASI credible to not deal directly with the end user? Thanks

    Sunday May 27, 2012

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