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Poll Results – Do You Text and Drive?

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OK, I’ll admit I still do it occasionally but certainly not as much as I used to (especially since it’s now illegal). I can’t help it though, the temptation always there at my fingertips, beckoning and teasing me with every passing minute.

What am I talking about? Texting and driving, of course.

For millions, it’s an addiction that can be as dangerous as any drug. And if you happen to have a smartphone and drive, well, then you’ve already got the the ingredients for this growing problem.

Which got me to thinking … how many people actually TWD? So I decided to set up an informal poll on ASI Central which would give our users the opportunity to vote anonymously. The results? Stunning. Surely our users would vote honestly — after all this isn’t Facebook and you wouldn’t be incriminating yourself by writing something like, “yeah, man, every day!” attached to your account — so I figured the results would be greatly in favor of this dangerous practice. But alas! With over 60% of the votes, our users voted “No” to texting and driving!

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart, to the question Do you text while driving?: (TOTAL VOTES: 213)

  • Yes (82 votes, 39%)
  • No (131 votes, 61%)

Do You Text And Drive?

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  1. Susan Arenson Says:

    Texting while driving in California is illegal, and should be in all states. I have a friend in Florida where it is still allowed. He recently lost 2 friends who were only 28 years old. The driver was texting and got in an accident. Both women ended up on life support and died. If that doesn’t stop you from texting while driving, I don’t know what else will. Nothing is that important. It can wait. At the very least, pull off the road first.

    Wednesday March 28, 2012

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