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Poll Results – Do You Text and Drive?

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OK, I’ll admit I still do it occasionally but certainly not as much as I used to (especially since it’s now illegal). I can’t help it though, the temptation always there at my fingertips, beckoning and teasing me with every passing minute.

What am I talking about? Texting and driving, of course.

For millions, it’s an addiction that can be as dangerous as any drug. And if you happen to have a smartphone and drive, well, then you’ve already got the the ingredients for this growing problem.

Which got me to thinking … how many people actually TWD? So I decided to set up an informal poll on ASI Central which would give our users the opportunity to vote anonymously. The results? Stunning. Surely our users would vote honestly — after all this isn’t Facebook and you wouldn’t be incriminating yourself by writing something like, “yeah, man, every day!” attached to your account — so I figured the results would be greatly in favor of this dangerous practice. But alas! With over 60% of the votes, our users voted “No” to texting and driving!

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart, to the question Do you text while driving?: (TOTAL VOTES: 213)

  • Yes (82 votes, 39%)
  • No (131 votes, 61%)

Do You Text And Drive?


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