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Tip of the Day – Dealing with Rude Sales Co-Workers

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Rude SuperstarWhat happens if your top salesperson is also a top morale-killer in the office? That’s the question Counselor magazine posed to their experts in this month’s Blueprint article titled “When Superstars Attack“.

In it you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to effectively deal with someone who, while they may make a ton of revenue for the company, can be off-putting and rude to co-workers. The following are the four basic steps: (article contains detail for each step)

  1. Identify Behavioral Patterns
  2. Get Over The Fear Of Confrontation
  3. Appeal To Their Ego
  4. If Nothing Changes, Cut The Cord

And if you have to cut the cord, the article also contains four strategies on getting new hires up-and-running quickly. So check it out now, and good luck!


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