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Poll Results – Do You Agree With Plastic Bag Bans?

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Another ASI Central poll, another surprise result … well, at least in my opinion.

On Feb. 15 — coinciding with the controversial news that the city of San Francisco expanded its plastic-bag ban to include hardware stores, gift shops and eventually restaurants — we launched a poll asking our users if they agreed with the banning of plastic bags. Given that a bag ban would bode well for our industry (re-usable promotional grocery bags could fill the void of plastic bags) but struggling with whether our users would agree with more government control, I eventually concluded that a majority of our users would vote “Nay” on this ban, thinking it would be something to the effect of 60/40.

Alas, not only was I wrong but the majority of our users voted in favor of the ban, to the tune of 52%.

Here’s the complete breakdown, including chart: (TOTAL VOTES: 227)

Do you agree with plastic bag bans?

Yes: (118 votes, 52%)
No: (109 votes, 48%)

Poll Results - Do You Agree With Plastic Bag Bans

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  1. Asap Print Depot Says:

    Interesting results!


    Friday March 9, 2012

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