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Tip of the Day – Get Your Content on Google

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GoogleI’ll never forget the day I realized that Google was becoming bigger than just an ordinary Web search tool: I was watching an episode of The Sopranos during Season 2 and Tony tells his son AJ — who was looking for information on school project — to just “Google” it. Yep, in my mind Google had officially arrived, transcending the tech world and now fully ensconced in the fabric of American popular culture.

Fast-forward more than a decade and Google now stands ready for world domination! Well, not really, but anyone on this planet save for a few pygmies in remote Africa has heard of Google, and “if you’re not in Google, you’re not in the Web,” right?

Anyway, this month’s sensational Business of Wearables article titled “Google Loves Content” spells out in the simplest of terms just how crucial the search engine and SEO (search engine optimization) has become, especially in the world of online sales. If you want to become relevant in the Google realm, do yourself a favor and read this article. And in the meantime, here are seven quick tips on how to keep your website’s content Google-friendly:

  • Be truthful. Only write content that relates to your business. People and Google don’t like to be tricked.
  • Mention the products you sell. Mention them generically and also mention some common brand names you believe a consumer may search for – i.e. “Gildan T-shirt.”
  • Mention what services you have available: printing, embroidery, art creation, digitizing, etc.
  • Use variants of the same word – T shirt, T-shirt, screen print, printing.
  • Mention local towns and cities that you service, remembering that 97% of searches for products or services are local searches.
  • Make it readable. While you are writing for Google, don’t forget you are also writing for your site’s visitors. Structure your sentences carefully and make sure they make sense.
  • Spell-check everything! Don’t trust your own writing. Run it through a spell-checker and give it to a few colleagues or friends to check over.


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