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Save the Date – Exclusive ASI Radio Interview with Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

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Richard M. DaleyBig announcement from ASI Radio!

Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley will be a special guest on ASI Radio on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 10:30 a.m. EST. Daley, who will be a speaking at The ASI Show Chicago in July, has a wealth of leadership experience that he will share with listeners.

According to the ASI Show website:

TIME Magazine reports that Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley “is widely viewed as the nation’s top urban executive.” During his more than 20 years leading this major metropolis, he has governed proactively and implemented forward-looking policies. His innovative efforts have been emulated globally by government officials and business owners to generate substantial growth in job creation and business development.

So save the date … and don’t miss this show!

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  1. Seva Says:

    Putting David Miller and good luck in the same secennte just doesn’t look right. Unless the secennte goes something like this The people of Toronto have finally awaken and booted David Miller out of office. This, of course, is good luck for not only the aviation community but also each and every taxpayer. Darn! That’s two secenntes! Anthony

    Sunday May 27, 2012

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