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Tip of the Day – Tap Into the Automotive Market

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Drive Big SalesDid you know … In 2010 the automotive market yielded over a billion dollars in revenue for distributors?

Betcha I got your attention now! This month’s Counselor magazine has a great article titled “Drive Big Sales” which helps distributors target one of the fastest-growing markets in the industry … yep, you guessed it, automotive!

From the latest trends to tips on how to tap into this growing market, don’t miss this article. And in the meantime, here are three tips on how to increase your ability to get business from automotive clients:

  1. Target Employees. Jody Ferrerr, owner of The Perfect Promotion (asi/293518), a distributor in West Hartford, CT, pitches employee-focused products rather than items meant for consumers. Recently, her firm provided water bottles for a Porsche dealer’s employee wellness program. 
  2. Become Charitable. Want to build rapport with the local market? Many automotive companies insist that sponsoring local events, charity gatherings and other meetings in local markets is an effective way to gain consumer attention without being seen as car pushers. 
  3. Made in the USA Matters. With jobs heading overseas and the economy still facing uncertain times, any manufacturing done in the U.S. is appealing to auto dealers and others in the industry trying to connect with Americans feeling the crunch, says Carmela Wagner, vice president at Jack Nadel International (asi/279600). “ ‘Made in America’ is really patriotic again, both in car manufacturing and promotional products,” Wagner says, “whereas in the past it was really focused on price.”

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  1. Natalya Says:

    Everyone of? these testimonials makes me wanna pick this csorue up!! Nice work brothah on that bike! Ive got a Huge Black Ford 250 Superduty that would LOVE some attention this coming year from this csorue.. do i pay for someone to do it or do i get help from TONY!!!

    Tuesday August 7, 2012

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